Want drum machine to get? Dgitakt, tr8s or Rytm mk2?

Another vote for Syntakt here. I’ve only had it for just over a day but it’s a perfect balance of digital and analog. Very quick to get started with, but can also get pretty deep via misusing the machines and all of the various filter types.

Ha, I originally bought the OT as a drum sampler (before they had other sample-based devices on the lineup) but it naturally became much more than that…

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Yup the OT is fantastic. Sample voice calls, anime and movie clips then chop them up into drum beats is tons of fun. Personally I’d get a Rytm of these three. I have a TR8 it is ok but prefer workflow and options of the Rytm by far. Digitakt is ok but too small keys. I like the pads better on the Rytm. DIgitone keys would be fun with a Rytm but not for drums.

While not a “drum machine” - the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 is a perfectly good drum/sample player. Just sayin…and it sounds amazing


It’s really awesome. I love it.

I really don’t know maybe it should, price always put me off but we’ll I am considering the rytm so I’ll have a look thanks. Always hear it’s a bit complex and convoluted so probably another reason it never crossed my mind but I actually do like weird things and such devices are defo doable. I’ll defo.put it on the list as reading this thread the rytm defo seems to be in the lead and I’m sure they’re roughly the same price.

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Fun question, I’d also almost have to say OT, or sell your cycles and TR8 and go for Digitakt and OT.

Also, don’t underestimate what an upgrade the TR-8s is over the TR8, if you’re worried about space, you could just do a swap/upgrade.

My favourite Flying Lotus track is Coronus the Terminator, so I’m kinda basing my thoughts on that, it’s something that I think could be fully contained in the OT.

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best of all worlds.
thank me later :tongue:


Digitone is a great drum machine and I just bought a second DN just for beats. It is actually a lot of fun since you can make fully customized sounds and change parts of a sound that is usually not accessible on other drum machines or on samplers at all. But it’s best if you like making your own sounds.

If I may show an example:

I have an Octatrack too and I don’t think anything beats it as a sample based drum machine if you wanna go deep.


This is really excellent, one of the best examples I’ve ever heard of what this box is capable of. I had a Digitone some time ago and I sent it back. I’m not enjoying my Syntakt much and this is really making me consider a Digitone again! I want to be able to play with Synthesis and have a groovebox that isn’t tethered to the computer, maybe I need to give one of these another try!

Perhaps that says as much about me as it does about your excellent music but there we go!

Or maybe an Octatrack. Urgh, choices!

EDIT - is this 100% digitone?!

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Thanks tallrobphilp glad you like it :grinning:
As sound source it is 100% DN yes. It is going through Octatrack effects - a bit of distortion/saturation and through the compressor. Then I always maximise the file a bit with a software limiter.

It’s probably worth mentioning that you cannot trigger the 4 tracks of the DN directly like syntakt since only one track is available at the time but it’s not a problem. Possible with midi keys/pads though or in Multi Map mode.

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  • 1 for Digitakt. There is no other device with such a quick workflow than the DT, at least for me :slight_smile:
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yeah DT and DN would be awesome together. Add in a Syntakt and Rytm and never need another synth. These smaller new Elektons are fantastic. I still think that my favorite all time Elektron is the original Machinedrum machine but prices are sky high now and the modern features of the newer smaller Elektrons are super awesome. If live jam and events return then I consider picking up these smaller Elektrons to complement my OT+A4 and modulars. But I dove deep down the eurorack hole the past couple of years and have my mobile modular setup ready for live performances.

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Thanks for all the insights one guy on fb suggested octatrack and tr8s combo instead of rytm. Having learnt about the octatrack a bit more think be a great replacement for the mpc one as my main hub, barely touch it as it is. That said still leaning towards the rytm now it looks like a beast drum machine, then maybe octatrack.

Rytm is my favorite of the Elektron drum machines that I have tried besides the OG MachineDrum.

Owned them all. Digitakt hands down.

A digitakt is any drum machine you want it to be. If you sample your synths it can be any synth you want it to be. Easy to sync patterns and projects with other Elektron gear. Similar workflow.

Just grab Rytm samples and Roland samples and you have $2000 of hardware boxes in one synth. Done.

Roland is ass. You’ll hate the Roland menus. TR8 original is actually a way better product because it’s so straightforward.

You should actually check out the Elektron Analog Keys. It does synth drums rather well, actually. On top of the million other things it can do.


If you’re considering a second hand AR (to keep costs down) just be aware that there are more than a few out there with dodgy pads. It’s a brilliant instrument to play but if the pads go bad it can be a nightmare to play.


If you are a fan of the Roland sound, then I would go for a TR8S… its fantastic. And the workflow is so rewarding once you get familiar with it.

But if you want some straight forward sound design, then I would get a Syntakt. The bass is sooooo HARD. I own and love them both.

The TR8S is clean and surgical. Classic sounds with a really robust FM engine and great analog emulation.

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Octatrack - you know it :slight_smile:

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Yeah really swayed by that after some research to replace mpc one as my main hub.

Persuasive argument and half the price brand new, thanks mate.