Want drum machine to get? Dgitakt, tr8s or Rytm mk2?

Hi folks,

So want a decent drum machine I have a digitone so think digitakt would be familiar. I also have a model samples which I use as a drum machine and recently acquired the new roland aira t8 but its a bit weak, point was to add more drums but I’m not over the moon with it but do like it and the 303 voice is pretty cool.

I think digitakt be good as would get a posh stand and would save space, unlike the tr8s. They are similarly priced, as is the new drumlogue, I’ve always ignored the rytm as price wise seems a bit much. I mean is it worth it being roughly double the value of the digitakt, which does seem limited in some areas. One thing puts me off tr8s is a lack of microtiming.

I like flying lotus style beats that sound disjointed but also like techno, dnb, electronica, ambient etc. So lack of microtiming isn’t a total no no just it is a handy feature.

I’ve been weighing up these devices and just actually seriously considered the rytm after reading a review tonight. Will ofcourse watch videos and research properly, but I mean is it worth it? Would any of my other choices be fine in comparison to the rytm or is is pretty special? I can get it on credit from my music shop but will wait till after Xmas so plenty time to.weigh my options but thought I’d get some thoughts. I also have polyend tracker which I hardly use in the studio setting, more standalone, and also mpc one but I hardly use it, sequencers meh unlike model samples for drums. Any insights or pointers would be appreciated thanks

Have you conciderded Syntakt? Seems like the perfect drum machine for the Digitone and people here seem to like it a lot. I did not buy it myself because of the MC machines which I don’t like and I got a Machinedrum instead. I do own the AR but don’t use it since I find the machines (sound algorithms) too limited but I do like the beats I made with it.


Digitakt kicks the shit out of Rytm for samples and just sounds so good. Sample your favourite things from T-8 and add whatever you want from sample packs and you’re off to the races. Rytm just isn’t worth the extra and sounds quite dark compared to Digitakt imo. I’ve owned both twice. DT FTW :raised_hands:

Also Digitone is a great drum machine too. Sample that into DT too. And with them being so similar UI wise, you’ll be up and running straight away.


I’ve not no, I’ve not read around here in a while but I wasn’t impressed when it hit, looked like a step up from the model cycles like the digitakt seems a step up from model samples, which I love. But you’re right I maybe should consider it, maybe try get a shot at my local shop sure they had one on display last week thanks for the reply.

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Oh really does it, if anyone would know you would lol Yeah digitakt in my mind seems like a guarantee as to be a winner think I’m just entertaining others as I feel kinda familiar with it and imagining maybe there’s something better out there but I’d never sell my digitone or modal samples so the same would probably happen with digitakt.

I do not agree that the AR sounds dark. It is analog and therefore more round and warm and even samples take on an analog character which sounds great. I use LP filter on nearly all my sounds so plenty of high end and punch there. The scenes and Quick Perform knob makes the AR excellent and fun to perform with.


I never thought the analog filter was all that much better than the digital one in DT. Controversial, I know. But DT has so much more sample-wise. Pitch down to -60, a supreme amount of resolution when choosing start/end/loop points, the additional base-width filter, additional LFO per track, etc etc. If AR got an update, they’d be more comparable, but as it stands, DT wins as a sampler


Do you think it’s worth the money? My local music shop definitely has one of these set up so I will get a shot, just practically double or more of the price of my other candidates.

I can’t really say. It is definitely a great drum machine and as you can see I like it but find it lacking in synthesis options. I just wanted to mention some of the pros since it’s on your list.

Also depends if you want to use samples mostly or want to make drums from synthesis. You wouldn’t get an AR just for using samples of course but the sample part is a nice addition to the analog machines. As Craig says the DT is probably way better for samples but I have never tried it.

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It takes time, work and practice to get acquainted with the Rytm. It’s not as immediate as a TR8/TR8s.


Got yay yeah thanks man I have always fantasised about a hardware drum synth. The mpc drum synth is pretty great just the sequencer is pretty weak compared to elektron sequencers and tricks elektron gear pulls off. Appreciate you points thanks

The AK is my favorite drum machine.

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Thanks yeah I’d expect it to be pretty deep at that price thanks mate.

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I’d recommend the Syntakt (more fun and immediate than the Rytm IMO), would pair really well with the Digitone and you have samples covered already with the Model Samples.


The A4/AK sounds are incredible, sit in the mix perfectly.
They are both above and beyond anything else “performance” wise.
Especially the AK, the keys with split keyboard and joystick take it above and beyond.
Again tho, for an analog drum machine, I’ve yet to come across one that has as wide a pallet of sounds, AND sounds fucking amazing unprocessed.
Add a bit of spice, it’s really unbeatable.
Although people mention it on here it’s really slept on as a drum machine.

Plus, project back up and storage is a cinch on the A4/AK


Rytm all day for me, but the Tr8s is dope too. Maybe get a TR6s on sale for under $300 and a used Rytm. If you know how to work the Rytm, the sounds are top notch, and it’s really nice on samples.

Digitakt is not bad either, but I sold mine pretty fast. Rytm is a keeper.

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Sounds like I should exchange my AR for an A4 if I get the opportunity :grinning:

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Rytm is a beast

you need to know what you are doing and understand how the gain structure works

The same samples played in the rytm sounds completely different in the digitakt

The analog filters and drive make them thick and creamy


I have both. They each have strengths. However the more I get into the AK for drums, the more I like it. It’s definitely more performance friendly, and easier to manage projects.
If the AK/A4 had more tracks, it would blow the competition away.

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Any reason Octatrack isn’t in the running?
It’s my favorite drum machine thanks to the 256 sample slots per project (half of which are streamed from CF card) selectable FX, 3x LFO per track, slicing, stereo sample playback, neighbor routing and a few other bells and whistles. OT is the reason I no longer use a Digitakt or Rytm.

I also ask because “disjointed” is certainly a sound it specializes in. And used MK1s are about $750.