WaveEdit: Wavetable creator, editor that may be kinda cool with AR

Hi all,

Just found this: http://synthtech.com/waveedit/

It’s for their own wavetable osc, but I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be used in a sample slot on the AR to allow it to have a pretty decent wavetable synth.

It’s beta, kind of sluggish on my Win PC, and honestly I don’t know enough about all the ins and out of the AR’s sample process as I stick to synthesis. But this seems like a great way to get some nice starting points for a WT osc to run through the AR’s filters, etc.

If anyone actually figures out how to use it on the AR, chime in! It just “seems” like it could be a killer tool.


I wonder if they’ll have their WT modules in https://vcvrack.com/ soon too, they already have their Cloud Gen there.

this is fantastic - thanks for the heads up!

If you figure out how to 1) use it and 2) format what it spits out so the AR can use it, please share a brief walkthrough. :slight_smile:

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It comes with a manual, which explains 1) how to use it and 2) what format it spits out (WAV). However, the Rytm does not have a Wavetable OSC, so how exactly should this work? One key property of WT synthesis is the interpolation (“morphing”) of waveforms that are contained in a wavetable, and I don’t think that you could emulate this behaviour with the AR.

What I could think right now is that you could create a sample chain consisting of 120 single cycle waveforms (check out https://www.adventurekid.se) and have the LFO or an envelope step through it, but I am not sure how this would work with looping in order to get cyclic wave… Would sure be interesting to try out.

But of course, if anyone figures out how to use the WTs created with this tool inside the Rytm, please share!

Looks great, too bad it won’t run for me. I get an APPCRASH. Win7 x64, Nvidia 950.

Have any of you Windows users opened it successfully?

Has anyone tried to create wavetables for the Micromonsta with this? So far I haven’t bothered with uploading my own wavetables to the Micromonsta, because Audioterm looks quite cumbersome.

This is great, been looking for something like this for a while. Might be hard to make it work with the RYTM, but should be easy peasy getting good results with OT.

Yep just caved and ordered a black E352. What an absolute beast of a module.
This app is really good. Starting to make some wavetables for the module when it arrives

i picked my e352 up from Paul in Chicago last weekend at Knobcon. i’ve had half a dozen wavetable osc in euro over the years and have kept some of them, but this is the king to me without a doubt.

I’ve owned all the major euro wavetable modules but the E352 looks next level. As for the E370 :astonished:

To those that have used it: Are you on Win7 64-bit?