We need a legit utility unit

Someone needs to design and produce a standalone desktop utility unit. Semi-modular synths are not some niche market anymore. Moog alone has no less than six of these machines.

Make Noise has been able to take advantage of this market with the 0-CTRL, which perfectly complements the 0-Coast but can also be used with any of the other popular machines from Moog, Pittsburgh, Erica, Etc.

So now that semi-modular sequencers are common enough, there needs to be a unit in the spirit of this Dreadbox pedal from the 2010s.

Putting together a utility skiff with modular is great if you can afford it. But it’s more expensive than buying another synth. Us bottom-feeders need utilities too!



That unit looks terrific with the EG. I definitely would want clock. But if you really want to maximize what you get out of that market I think you have to take it beyond just a few utilities.

Imagine a wider RH301 with S&H, LPGs, logic, VCA, mult, and a waveshaper of some sort (all extensively patchable). 3.5mm compatible.

Since it costs about $1000 for that in modules, it seems like a single PCB unit would still be justifiable for the semi-modular crowd at $500-$600.

There is a gap in the middle there where a company could really clean up with a large swath of buyers that are often forced financially to simply buy additional synths.


Then why not just purchase a cheap semi modular synth with has all these utilities on board? Something in the ballpark of a Behringer Neutron should do the trick with the added benefit of coming with some oscillators.

I really don’t see how a utility unit could become a financial success when you are competing with semi modulars starting at prices below €300.-.


Yeah I’d be interested in some utility module… my first thought with the pico system 3 and 0ctrl was maybe I should build a little utility rack but instead I’ve decided to explore the limitations of the setup for now. ST modular makes ST MODULAR - EURORACK DIY which looks neat… not really a full on utility but it’s in that direction.

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Yes, of course. Anyone could just buy a Neutron and be done with it. Agreed.

However, not everyone is interested in doing that. Myself included. So, if the market is split across that line, is the half I am identifying insignificant enough to equate to financial ruin?

I don’t think so. I think there are plenty of Erebus and Microvolt owners out there who would prefer a utility unit to a Neutron.

Not only that, but the Neutron is about twice the size of what would be optimal for many of us who don’t have a ton of space. You could accomplish just about as much as a Neutron would in the space of a 0-CTRL.

I actually have the workbench. It is very useful, but it still resides in the same territory as the Koma RH301 where it provides a few utilities but must be paired with more equipment to get the most out of it.

I guess I love the minimalism of the Make Noise 0-Coast/0-CTRL pairing enough to want to get where I want to go with as few machines as possible.

Just by way of update, I did end up getting the RH301. Thanks for the recommendation. It complements just about everything I have very well.