We NEED Backup

The DT has been my first piece of Elektron gear, and I’ve fallen in love with it. I got it the week it came out and have been working with it for months. I’ve made it the brain of my new setup, and just this week I finally got over a creative hill where I could finally see a full and robust live performance in sight.

Last night, I went to turn it on and it wouldn’t start. I unplugged it, plugged it back in - still nothing. I waited, then tried again - nothing. I was panicked.

After no less than 15 tries, it finally booted back up. Everything was still there, thank god, but it really shook me. Elektron, you’ve made an incredible machine. A machine that most people who play with it want to keep using for years to come. Please, please, please let us save our data, and soon. I can only imagine how I would have felt if it never turned back on.


We are working on a backup solution.

At least I can say that I have never seen a +Drive unit fail, so any data saved as a Project (and samples) should be safe and sound.

Not sure why it didn’t boot in this case. Personally, I’ve found that sometimes I just have yanked the power cable a bit on the power supply and needed to push it in firmly. If you experienced a crash or freeze prior (for example the known issue with quick save, that we are working on fixing), you will need to wait around 20 seconds before rebooting.


Yeah we really do. I’ve got 4 1 hour live sets programmed on mine and another one in the works, all that music and midi track programming/cc mapping only exists on my machine, if it bugs out or breaks I’ve lost it!
Plus housekeeping, I want to get all the cool sounds I’ve recorded/designed off there and into my sample library, backup all my projects/patterns and then make more room on my +drive.

A way to tell how much storage you’ve used on the plus drive would be great too, I know I’m very close but how close is a guess, everytime I send over more samples I’m worried it will fill, and then I can’t take stuff off as they are parts of other projects.


Please please please - make the dump and restore operations via MIDI SysEx (as are all the other operations to date).

While I’m sure you are also working on your own computer-side software, remember that I have a complete app, already written and ready to go. It does backup and restore, as well as project management duties… It is just waiting for the SysEx command.

It is web based, runs in your browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux (and mobile/tablet not far behind). Nothing to install. Free. And the UI is up and running now.

A long shot, I realize, but if the the SysEx portions are done - and you are just waiting for your apps to be finished - why not release an OS version with the SysEx - and let my app take care of the backup/restore for now? I’m sure your app will also be nice, but no need for all of us to wait - slightly paranoid - for it if the SysEx portion is already done.


Please please please let us use mzero’s app until you finish sorting out Overbridge/backup.


While it might be safe on the +Drive a way to transfer stuff to another unit is prerequisite for any serious use IMHO. Extra points for allowing pattern data to carry over to other types of machines, that would make the DT the perfect on the go sketch pad for me.

This issue is very important to me as well. I’ve never really put much effort into fitting the Digitakt into my workflow because I refuse to treat it as a professional instrument until data can be backed up. The day I can back up projects is the same day I’ll start seriously using my Digitakt as a part of my studio. Right now it feels like Russian Roulette.


It’s not even close to a professional instruments. It wants to be one. It wants to be one REALLLY BAD! We all really want it to be one too!

It seems election were too busy revamping their old products to finish working on their new one!


Having lost important data on a device that was supposed to be safe, I have decided never to get a device that does not offer a possibility for backup ever again.

I really want to buy a DT. So much that I created an account here to voice my desire for a backup functionality. Without backup, this is not an option for me.

I guess I will just have to wait for a while :wink:



The ability to backup needs to happen ASAP. I lost all of my work on my Digitakt when it permanently locked up.

Add the ability to back up your data, some sort of a song mode, and iron out the little glitches here and there, and the Digitakt will be a monster.

It is coming, we just need to be patient a bit.

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I think that handling all the data in your Digitakt (including doing various backups) needs to be something that isn’t dependent on any proprietary software. Having people like Mzero, Void and others supporting the hardware by making great software is a very, very good thing. I’m sure the fine people at Elektron don’t think otherwise.

When I see people speculate about how Elektron works and what is going on inside their HQ, I always kinda go SIGH. But if I was to speculate (which I’m not going to do), I’d say they’re only making sure the software, the firmware, etc, is up to the high standards set only by themselves. Aww crap I just speculated! Anyway, @mzero 's post is key here me thinks. :slight_smile:


5 months later :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve met a few hardcore Elektron fans in my life, but I’m sure none of them would describe Elektron as having ‘high standards’ in the QA department. You’re a beta-tester for expensive equipment, but you take it because there’s nothing comparable from other companies.
Part of projecting ‘high standards’ is not getting into the habit of mentioning a release date, and consistently failing to meet it


It starts to stress me out. I am using DT+DN flr a while and I love it. Still nothing on the backup side ? Don’t tell me the App Transfer 1.1 is solving the problem.

How to deal with unused samples?

I know you don’t want to hear it but backing up is a thing on the dt. Sysex through c6 for projects and transfer 1.1 for samples.
The implementation is not what you are looking for, I understand that. But when people post that there is no backup, when there is, it can be confusing for newer users looking for information.

More Comprehensive sample management, which is probably what you are actually looking for is supposed to come with overbridge.


I don’t understand. I easily did a backup with transfer app of all my samples.

If it’s coming up with OB that’s a great news. I thought OB was just for a live/recording matter.

Thanks for your answer.