Websites fixing out of stock pricing

Hi all,

I have noticed certain websites which list certain items at extremely low prices when they are out of stock, perhaps to get you to sign up to email notification for when it’s in stock.

Then as soon as it’s in stock, the price shoots up. And I can confirm that once they sell out, the apparent price drops again.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I find this behaviour extremely frustrating. Not least because when you want to buy something it’s much more expensive, but even more so it affects the second hand market pricing.

I have had to drop my prices when selling things because certain websites lie about pricing and no one is going to pay an almost new price for something second hand, but obviously the pricing is a total lie.

And these aren’t small adjustments, I’m talking hundreds in some cases for larger items.

I think it should stop.

As an example, a Eurorack case has been advertised for £979 for a good 5 years. As soon as it comes in stock, it’s £1600. When they sell out it’s £979 again. So how the hell am I supposed to sell it when people think that’s the real new price?


You could report some examples, so we are all awared

That ‘marketing’ trick sucks

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This behavior is bad, post some links my dude.

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