Weird beep noise bug

I had some weird beep noise bug today. Out of nowhere it started producing this weird non-stop bleeep noise until I rebooted the device.
Anyone experienced this?
There’s not much more I can say about it

I was using the analog headphones output, so no USB glitch or anything. It sounded like it was coming from one of the synth engines, although muting all the tracks didnt make it go away. Even turning the master volume to zero didnt make it go away.
Very strange

Muting the tracks doesn’t mute the audio, only the midi or sequence send to that track. So hanging notes could still be audible with all mutes on. Try pressing stop twice to see if it’s coming from hanging notes.

If turning down the master volume didn’t make it go away, the beep noise is not coming from the Digitone. The master volume is an analog control which comes after the D/A conversion in the signal path.

I don’t really know. It was definitely sounding like the Digitone synth engine. I was wearing headphones and those were connected to the Digitone headphones output. Nothing else was connected really… What you are suggesting is that my headphones were making the bleep noise, which is very unlikely.
Also, the bleep glitch was sounding rhythmic. With some kind of low pitched glitched kick drum every bar or so. Long continuous high pitched sinewave with a consistent short plonky low pitched sinewave repeating. The sequencer was off obviously.
It’s fine. I don’t really mind. I was just sharing the glitch experience :slight_smile:

That is indeed very unlikely if you’re just using normal wired headphones.
I was suggesting that the noise is not coming from the Digitone sound engine, but more likely from the power supply or something else connected to it. If the master volume is between the D/A conversion and the op-amp/headphone amp that would make sense.

But since nothing else is connected to it, and it actually has rhytm, I don’t know… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ghost in the machine? :ghost:
Maybe you have a special one that’s slowly becoming sentient… :thinking: