Weird digitakt tails roll over

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just got a digitakt and I’m noticing some strange behaviour I’m hoping to make sure is not a return for replacement deal going on.

Basically, when I have a pattern running, some sequenced tracks some running samples on loop some other bits and bobs. When I double tap stop, all sound cuts out, as it should,

When I press play again, the tails from the previous play state are included in the new play cycle.

So say I double tap stop half way through a sample.
The rest of the delay and reverb will finish next time I press play on top of the audio from the newly activated play cycle.

Well annoying I have to keep playing and stopping until I get a clean start, sometimes if I smash the stop button five or six times it’s stops.

Am I sending her back or nah?

Thank you have a wonderful weekend!!