Weird issue with analog tracks not triggering correctly

I’ve had Syntakt a few days and today when I turned it on and started working, the analog tracks were all misbehaving, a lot of trigs were anomalous, just a transient click or completely random settings for tune, decay, etc., really just random sounds instead of the settings on the synth. It was happening on all four analog tracks, and I tried various machines in each and it continued. It was happening by triggering the sound via the trig keys, or steps in the sequencer , or the retrig keys. It seemed especially frequent the faster the trigs, like if I held down retrig key 16. I tried disconnecting MIDI and USB, loaded a new init project and got the same results. I’d seen a video in which a reviewer noted an issue with certain analog sounds being inconsistent until the Syntakt fully warms up, but these were really only sounds with a high filter resonance, and resolve after 15 minutes or so. My unit was still doing this after over an hour and it was affecting any kind of sound, with no filter resonance involved.

I was just about to record a video and send a support ticket, but then I realized I hadn’t registered it yet, and then when I was about to turn it off to flip it over to read the SN, I realized I hadn’t tried just rebooting it, so I turned it off and waited a few minutes, and…rebooting fixed it.

Somewhat relieved, but somewhat worried as well. Anyone else encountered this before? I also plugged the Syntakt into a different power outlet (breaking the scientific method, I know, changing more than one variable at a time). Sometimes I think some of the power strips in my studio setup are delivering inconsistent power. Could that be a cause?

EDIT: Should note that I’d updated to OS 1.0.1 as soon as I got the unit and it had operated normally until this incident.

If it happens again I would suggest looking in the manual about the calibration procedure. That may fix you right up!

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Hmm, just took a look at that, and I can say that 20-25 C is NOT the normal environment operation temperature during summer around here (and it’s not even officially summer yet). We’re having an extreme heatwave and yesterday the high temperature outside hit 105 F (40 C) and inside my apartment it got as hot as 85 F (30 C). Quick aside, yesterday I read that even the most efficient home AC systems are designed to cool by 20 degrees F (11 C) below the outside temperature MAX. So in this weather, it’s almost sure to be well above that normal operating temperature range inside. This morning it wasn’t that hot in here, probably within the 20-25 C range that the manual states. If this happens again, I’ll probably contact support for more info about calibration and operating temps.

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