Weird MIDI lag only occurs with DT's track levels, when Internal Mixer is set to Global

I’m experiencing some weird MIDI hiccups when controlling Digitakt’s internal track levels with an external Midi Controller, when Internal Mixer is set to Global mode.

Even moving one fader quickly makes the DT lag and freeze up visually for a moment (all LEDs/screen freeze). It then catches up in time and there’s no audible tempo change. The CCs also lag slightly, not as long as the visual freeze. When moving multiple faders at the same time, the visual freeze time stacks and can be up to 2 or 3 seconds.

I tried unchecking ‘Internal Mixer’ in the ‘Global FX/Mix’ setting and this basically fixed it (reduced the lag - still there, but just about usable.) However the whole point of using an external fader controller was to point it at global internal mixer settings. It’s a no-go to uncheck this and have the faders not match when changing patterns in a live performance.

Really scratching my head here. Can anyone help?

(Am using a LaunchControl XL via a MioXM midi hub. All unnecessary routings and message types are filtered out already.)

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IIRC this ‘don’t use Global FX thing’ is a known bug.

Bummer. I love the feature, hope it gets patched soon.

I’ve stumbled across this issue too… I’m using the axact same setup. That’s really a bummer. Any news about this?