Weird OT & A4 bug

At least I think it’s a bug. When I have the A4 going into a thru machine on the OT, if I am tweaking a sound on the A4 and adjust the filter cutoff, it somehow affects the OT mixer, and mutes tracks and I have to figure out every time by hitting cue, function, tracks, etc. how to get all the OT tracks unmuted or uncued or whatever.

It makes no sense to me why the one should affect the other.

Any ideas?

You have them synced thru midi no? Sounds to me like the A4 is sending Midi CC’s.

Yes, they are synced. Let me check that and make sure the OT isn’t receiving CC from the A4. I’m sure that’s it, it makes perfect sense. Thanks, man.

Hi there dear Elektronauts!

Just joined the community and am still a little noob :stuck_out_tongue: - please excuse me if some things I write sound a little weird :wink: … So here’s my first question:

I am experiencing a problem that is quite similar to that one ModdyG described above:

Setting track x on the A4 from mute to active will change OT’s track x “Effect 1” parameter “E” to zero :.(

I figured out that the problem disappears when I uncheck “Audio CC in” on the OT (as Beaumont also recommended) but I’d like to know if there’s another way to fix the issue and keep the possibility to recieve CC from the A4 at the same time…

Thanks for your help!

I believe you can turn off the A4 sending CC#.

Otherwise you have to change the ID of that track/part so they aren’t the same on the OT and A4. So you can have OT tracks assigned to 1-8 and the A4 from 9-14.

But generally you don’t want to receive A4 CC#s. It will get confusing if you forget what’s assigned. I’ve turned off CC# receive on the OT and never looked back.

Ok - I think I will handle it that way too … I suppose I would get lost in the ID jungle otherwise :wink: Thanks for your quick response!