Weird panning issue with monomachine going thru track 1

Hi folks,

I have a weird conundrum with my monomachine going through my analog keys. When I turn the level on track 4 of my monomachine the sound going thu the keys pans completely left and it goes really loud. I’ve tried listening to the channels(left/right/headphones) seperately and everything is normal. I even tried sending the monomachine directly through the heat and everything is as it should be.

The really weird stuff happens when I press stop on the keys, It keeps sending through audio, panned on the left ofcourse. Now for the really bizarre when I turn the level of track 4 down track 5 (which is playing) turns to normal. Every time I turn the level of track 4 back up it hardpans to the left again.

And here it gets great. I have reloaded my analog keys preset and it fixes it to a certain degree. But if I mute track one(thru track) I still hear a faint mono audio lingering on the left.

I’ll probably end up sending the mono through my octatrack (can’t right now space issues and renovations in the house) so this isn’t really a big issue right now. But It’s very strange and I would really like to know what the hell is going on.

Any ideas?

You have it on left input channel?

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My monomachine is going thru the left and right channel and is left osc 1 and right osc 2.

There is input level and pan on cv track I think, look if there is level of left Ch at 0. Sorry FX track not cv

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Ok I’ll check

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Ok wow thanks! Ext in was hardpanned to left on the top and hardpanned right on the bottom, I centered them both. I’ll keep you posted if the issue arises again. I was able to move the track four on my monomachine without issue. For now it seems resolved so big thanks to you.


:slight_smile: happy it worked, but you don’t need this to be up ( ext level ) if you root MnM trough track 1 osc 1 and 2. Than track 1 works as ext trough. So lower ext leveles of bought inputs you find on FX track to 0. But than your MnM will be mono.

i didn’t know you could level the input on the fx track. I really should learn to read manuals. Anyway again thanks for helping me out i haven’t had the issue again.

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No problem, i have A4 for 1,5 y, i like it a lot, that is why i know a few things about it, nice i can share it with someone, because in my closer surroundings no one is interested in this beautiful magic boxes business, so basically you helped me thinking i know something useful to other people, see you around :wink: