Weird quirk while recording a sequence

Hey. So i have this weird quirk that keeps happening when i try and record a sequence and play it back. This involves me sequencing my M:C via my Digitakt so i apologize if this should be in a different forum. So lately i’ve been using my Digitakt control my M:C and something weird happens when i try and record the sequence into the M:C. Both machines are running, i hit record, i go into grid mode to make sure everything has recorded, then when i mute the MIDI track on the DT the M:C should continue to play, but for something reason it takes three cycles for it to kick in! I don’t know why? At first i thought that the MIDI channel was sequencing the chance track on the M:C to 0% but that is not the case. The weirdest thing is that this just happens on track one of the M:C. Anyways if y’all have any ideas please let me know.

So here is a video of this happening.