Weird RYTM sound output behavior. Any ideas?

Hey guys,

So heres a weird thing I just noticed today…

When selecting any RYTM track on the AMP page the VOL parameter is affecting all tracks output. So when adjusting any volumes I’m getting massive jumps in ALL sounds to the outs.

Any ideas? THANKS!

Are you certain you aren’t on the Comp page, in FX mode?
It’s vol parameter is global. And it’s the same button as amp.
Is the FX button pushed/lit?
If yes, you’re on the Comp page.

No, I’m not. It’s like that global setting is bleeding over…


Weirdly. I found the problem…

I had the USB plugged in to transfer some samples. I unplugged it and whatever was going on the USB connection was causing it. To become some global volume or compressor volume thing.

FYI everybody!

did it only occur with the AMP parameter? It could be that the Rytm was sending and receiving CCs, and that somehow, what you fed to your computer from the rytm was sent back, on all channels.

I sometimes get something that somehow seems related… in one patch, I use LFO to control sample level. When syncing to MIDI via the USB port, it’ll just stop working sometimes. When syncing via MIDI, it hasn’t happened yet.