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We're looking for a programmer to join the embedded software team in Gothenburg. This is a full-time position, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Elektron musical instruments are renowned for deep functionality and rich interaction possibilities. The embedded software is the brain of the instruments. The embedded software team is responsible for all the programmable aspects of the instruments, ranging from digital logic to high-level data management. We develop software for products to come, and we continue to improve the software long after they have been released. Our instruments have multi-threading real-time operating systems and may be composed of multiple micro-controllers and digital signal processors. You will be working at the application level, mostly in C++, but you are required to interface the operating system at a lower level. You may also apply also if you are not proficient in C++, but in other related programming languages and object oriented programming, and have a strong desire to learn C++. You are passionate about writing code which is reliable as well as efficient. You are comfortable working with a large existing codebase. You are self-motivated and have strong problem solving capabilities. [Visit Elektron.se for more details, and to submit your application](https://www.elektron.se/careers/)

Interesting… @Abhoth, @JustinValer @guga @void


I would love :heart_eyes: to join the Elektron dev team but I live in Stockholm.
Any plans of branching out at some point? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep i’m in


Who left?


Maybe they are hiring someone who can really get into the Octatrack code. I thought I heard somewhere that the OG OT coder(s) have all left.
Not that we’ll ever know. Elektron is the tightest lip company I’ve ever dealt with. Maybe they should help ole Trumpy pants wink:
Lastly, what’s up with OT MK2??? We need proof of life! :slight_smile:

debunked, frequently :thup:


That makes sense. It would be strange to reissue the Octa if they didn’t have the original folk.

But when are you hiring cat animators? :nyan: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXrqGy2Du90/


This could be a dream job for music enthusiasts who are experienced coders. Who wouldn’t want to jump out of bed each morning to go work at Elektron building features?! However, with Sweden’s attitude against medical marijuana and their high taxes, some skilled coders may prefer to pass on this opportunity unless there is a remote telecommute possibility. Surely there’s plenty of qualified applicants who won’t let such constraints on their freedoms or lifestyle get in the way of a nice job at an exciting company.

Elektron Idol

Rusty!! i know GW-Basic… why arent i in your list of programmers?


Why would you waste time coding, when your puppeteering skills are of more applicable value? Coders are a dime a dozen, can get them anywhere. Elektron has those already. What they don’t have, and are quite obviously lacking is a puppeteer.


this better rusty?


Perfect :heart_decoration:

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