¿what about a iOS app to control A4 and friends?

I was thinking it would be great to control A4 with and iOS app, like the VST on W10. So, I could make my performance without the need of a computer to edit A4. Yes, I can edit A4 on flight in the same machine, but the VST editor is very good and visual, and it would awesome in a iOS app.
Is that possible?

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This might not be exactly what your looking for, but have you seen the Fragments app? I find its strength lies in the randomised sound types functionality. Great for inspiration.

I didn´t know that this app exist!
Thanks, I´ll will try it.

Modstep might be a consideration.

it’s always good to search the forum for some help


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Thanks! I’ve trying for a while, it works fine but I would like something more like the Analog four overbridge UI. But, it’s a very good app, need more time to check it.