What are you watching on Youtube now

Oh wow who’s this bird? Just on YouTube she’s singing French or something seems pretty old but ooooh nice :heart_eyes:

This accent sounds pretty cool in tracks

Fuck my life


Yes she is French she was kind of big circa 2000. Very mainstream “variété française”.

In lockdown I kept getting recommended lio videos for some reason. One of the comments on this video I could never find again said “Either she’s just got up or she’s just about to go to bed"

It shows lots of nice art.


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I can relate…

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I watch live police chases and try to score them in real time…

I love this guy…

still not sure why i like her videos…it’s the weirdest ASMR, out of my interests areas thing i can’t explain why i watch it ( i have barely touched a hammer in my life )

I’m watching and listening to this right now. For once, the recommendation algorithm served me something that was a really good fit for me.