What Are Your Favorite Hardware Synths that have a Patch Randomization generator Feature?

for the sake of random patch creation?

I love the Elektron randomization options. My Nord Lead A1 has a pretty wicked random function. Although a lot may turn their noses at it, I’ve held on to my Aira TB-3 since it came out. Not a lot of sculpting options, but fits in well with my little setups. It has a random pattern creation option that can then be MIDI’d out to other gear and with a Midi to CV converter can run acid-esque sequences to Euro.


digitone, analog four, phasemaker on ios


The Hydrasynth (both Desktop and Keyboard) have a whole range of methods for doing patch randomization. This is all added to the extreme level of control that you have on a patch — it’s virtually infinite — which often takes things to strange unexplored worlds.

The Random button is right there at the center of the control panel. You can choose to randomize whole patches, randomly select a patch, randomize a module within a patch by pressing that modules button, randomize a parameter in a module still using one button. Add to this refinements that allow you to adjust the percentage of randomization by module, and also a feature that allows you to grab a portion of a randomly selected already made patch. (cross-fertilization)

There are tons of patches and banks of patches available, and so you can change the “flavor” of this last random feature by changing the selection of your stored patches.

My description really doesn’t do these features justice. It’s really well done.



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Although i don’t have the synth yet, the new Arturia Polybrute has a neat way of “randomization”, where you place two different sounds from two different patches in A and B, and then use the Morph Knob to find some position between these two that you like, and then saving that. You can continue this process and morph your way around to new interesting patches.


The Hydrasynth randomiser is a real luxury. The PreenFM2 has a similar randomiser on a slightly smaller scale - the perc envelope shape with full randomisation on the other modules is a wonderful shortcut for weird drum programming:


Medusa has some nice randomization features.


Isn’t there software that, for any synth with MIDI, can enable it to experience “patch randomization”?

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My old waldorf MicroQ and virus c have such abilities, but my favourite randomiser is the octatrack. What happens in the fader spaces between scenes is half the fun.

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The volca drum has per-layer randomization (a voice is composed of two layers) and pattern randomization – the former is really nice because as deep as the editing is on the volca drum, sometimes you just want to roll the dice until something cool pops up.

I really liked the randomization on the Hydrasynth while I had one, just to second @Jukka.


why did you get rid of the hydrasynth?



Hands down the Nord Modular G2 with the Patch Mutator.

It can randomize patch settings (though not randomly create patches…), which is nice, but then you can mutate them all, save to temporary slots to use for further mutating, etc.

And since you can set up a bank of Midi CC modules, you can use it for anything with Midi too.


Because I preferred other instruments. A matter of personal taste. The Hydrasynth is an excellent synthesizer, but not all excellent synthesizers are excellent fits for each user.


for sure, functionally I love the idea of it but the sound is a little on the cooler side of things for my immediate taste


TBH I had never a real use for this feature and when I tried, the outcome wasn’t for me. Some synths have a randomization, which can be limited to some of the parameters, which got me better results.

But I like to be my own random generator. Just experimenting with options I did not explore before and check out the extremes. Sometimes I imagine, how to “abuse” the architecture of a synth and then give it a try. Well, this requires to understand the synth to a certain degree though :wink:

Yamaha SY22 - what a wonderful old cheesy synth for an extremely tight budget

Nord G2 has Mutate, Randomize and Interpolation between two variations (essentially patches with the same modules and connections), You can exclude any module or parameter type