What color should I paint my new home studio room?

I really don’t love burgundy but apparently warm active colors are quite conducive to creativity.
Cold colors are out, i guess. And I loathe super white neon spaceship lookin stuff.
FWIW it’s a very small, shallow and wide space, and my absorbers and cloud are that off-white tan material.
I’m a designer, color is my thang, but curious what y’all think :slight_smile: Somehow stumped.

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White is ok. Doesn’t get old, and matches with any color.
Plus light is good for your health, especially if you live in a country with long winters.
You can always have paintings to give that shade of color you temporarily wish to add until you’re sick of it.


fair point. winter here is dark and depressing. and the new flat is not all that well lit. it does have a certain calm about it too.

As an oil painter i have alot of colour knowledge. I would recommend a complimentary warm colour to your absorbers. Its in fact a warm deep blue. See here.



i like that!

We kinda accidentally painted our office/studio in almost complimentary colours.

Everyone is horrified by pink and green until they are in the room, then they like it.


they do go well! i dig it!

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My shed converted into a studio/office at my old house (so miss it!) was a light grey and absolutely loved it.

I wanted the pink to be a bit more vivid and candy like, but my wife put her foot down.
I love the green though.

We’re seen as a bit eccentric by our friends because we paint rooms based on what colours we like looking at all day.
Our friends are mostly twats, though.


It just reminds me of roses and that one stereolab album

Personally I like neutral colors, in the desaturated yellow to red part of the spectrum.


I have Nanoleaf light panels on my wall, adds additional lighting where needed (with variable brightness) and means I can choose the colour scheme to fit the mood, or go crazy and have it animate with the music. They’re pretty cool, but I would add the caveat that they are pretty expensive and also kind of addictive in that I started with a set of 9 panels and now have double that, and will probably add some more at some point too

HAHAHAHAHA that last line has me rolling here

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ah yeah i’ve seen those. they’re cool as hell but not my vibes. one of my colleagues has em on his wall. i’m more into… i wouldn’t say minimalism, but subdued, calm, old person shit hahaha :slight_smile:

i’km thinking that warm dark gray will work nicely, esp with wooden floors. but i’ll prob go a touch lighter. dark walls often give me a sort of “this shit is old af” vibe. i guess a lot depends on the paint job too though.

lots of great suggestions and yeah… stereolab mention in a thread is always good stuff. :wink:

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or maybe like back wall dark warm gray like above, and the rest a lighter % of that gray. a dark wall behind when you work is quite nice. for me anyway.

this is fun :slight_smile: if you can’t tell i’m really fucking excited haha 10 years in this 1 room with my whole life in it, after the corona lockdown that shit sealed the deal. was going nuts having a whole life in a single box.

Sorry just had to :joy:

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A clever use of space as well.

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As in most studio rooms, everything here is a mixture of silver, black and various shades of wood. After a few years of a nondescript cream/magnolia I got around to painting it earlier this year. Went for Farrow and Ball colour called ‘French Gray’. It’s really more green than gray and looks good in both natural and artificial light. Everything looks good against it and I’ve been a lot more creative and productive since. :slight_smile:


Very classy, I’m looking at painting one of our rooms a similar colour, nice to see it in the wild.