What effects pedal/device would you get to work with the Digitone for ambient music?


I have the Digitone/Digitakt and love them, the DT is great for ambient music, but I wondered what extra device I can use with it to create ambient music, I see some use reverb pedals that change and evolve things drastically. I see some use the Big Sky.

What do you use?


Pedals like the Infinite Jets or the Microcosm Hologram look good. Haven’t used either though. I like my Deluxe Memory Man delay, but best is my Eventide H9. It’s great with the Digitone.

Also once tried an Analog Heat with a Digitone Keys. Wish I hadn’t—it was so good it still haunts me.


A lot of pedals would make sense, however their use is limited only as a master effect.
I used Strymon El-Capistan and their Volante is even better.
Meris Polymoon is just weird - instant ambient cloud texture from everything.

(Both examples suffer a little bit from double-purposed controls)

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I use Line 6 Pod Go and HX Stomp. Another favorite is my old Line 6 M16. Never use it on guitar anymore but it is great for modular and DAWless setups. Lots of fun.

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Nightsky and/or Microcosm.

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Tape loops!

I’ll add Eventide Space and Blackhole, Empress Reverb…

I have a Digitech Polara and Supernatural.
Very good for the price (paid them 80€ and 100€). Lexicon algorithms.
Supernatural is better for ambient, with longer decay, mix dry/wet knob. Polara is more natural, no mix knob, only send, but have suitable modes for ambient.

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What are these tape loops I keep reading about please?

I’ve tried quite a few other fx now and this is still the go to reverb for me.
The blackhole and modechoverb algorithms alone make it worth the price.
I still don’t understand half of what it’s doing!


If you have an Octatrack with effects pedals in its FX loop (using the CUE outs, CD ins), you can use that with any other external boxes. Just hit CUE+REC1 to send IN AB direct to the CUE FX loop.

Specular Tempus.


Eventide pitchfactor is huge! Diatonic, quadravox, crystals and h910 can create a lot of weird effects of pitch shifts in the background (diatonic with slow lfo on pitch knobs is so fun). Big fan of the entire stompbox line from eventide, modfactor on Q-wah algorithm and a touch of reverb on top

You may also want to check this thread :

Dba rooms is a really nice synth pedal. Has chorus, bitcrushing, delay, bandpass filter, separate dry and wet gain knobs, and the reverb has this very organic sound while still sounding vast and blurry. It’s detailed and textured, can get grainy. But I think all the other effects help make it a lot more useful than your typical reverb. Especially “gong” mode, it’s perfect for synths. The filter is very useful as well


I have an H9 in the CUE loop of my Octatrack, and both the Octatrack and Digitone are hooked up to a mixer.

This way, I can solo a track on the Digitone, send it to the Octatrack, add FX and resample. This gets around the limit of using FX with the Digitone, where the effect applies to all tracks.