What Elektron device used in this track

Hi all, there is this very good track I thought drums sounded really “elektron”, but as I’m new to the brand could some experienced users help me to define what device could have been used for drums sounds (I thought machinedrum)

thanks :wink:

why dont you message the guy and ask?

my guess it’s the Octatrack. ( I got one, it sounds like that) by the way it’s indeed a cool arrangement.

Hi MDM, well to be honest I don’t think I would get any reply, they are on Zone (excellent french label btw) and artists rarely do communicate about what gear they use :wink:
You mentioned Octatrack but I thought about it as a sequencer, unless it comes with drum samples that would be close to these?

octatrack can load up any sound you want or have from any sample library
the synth line sounds like a Single Cycle Wave form to me
the arrangement is cool, but otherwise he is not tweaking the sound very much


Who says he used elektron-gear for this??? this could be samples… old roland drummachines with heavy processing…

talking about processing… I am quite sure this is processed with a bunch of stuff…
So my guess:

he made this using a daw

Ye sure that’s the thing, I don’t know what’s been used. I just figured that drums sounded kinda “cold, modern, digital” and I associated that with elektron machinedrum which I don’t have only heard lots of samples made on it and it was close. So maybe I’m wrong but I’d love not to aha cause I’m after making that kind of drum sounds.

Ah like that… well yeah, you can make your machinedrum sound kinda like this…
but personally, i would need a daw to make it sound allot closer to this… due to heavy processing…
Some people on this forum are absolutly insane with their programming skills… they might be able to do it straight from the machinedrum.
I did write to the guy on soundcloud… he might be a cool dude who just says:
its all about the cook, but… in my kitchen i used… XX with YY and ZZ …

aha well let’s see ; )