What happened to the individual outs in OB?

after several reinstalls 'cause i didn’t get any indvl. out in cubase 8.5.15 via OB, i decided to read the release notes.

Known Issue: In Cubase, the plugins currently expose only a stereo main output bus, and hide the

individual output buses due to severe incompatibility problems.

what does this mean?..am i forced to only use stereo now?
i also noticed that in ableton only the vst plug is providing indvl. outs.

whats the deal?..why is it not working in cubase?

and the same time in “detailed changelog” :

Change: The plugins now expose multiple output buses rather than just multiple output channels.

This improves compatibility with many hosts. 1


nobodys got issues with that?..any cubase user?..i just want to have that confirmed before i open up a ticket…

I’m having the same issue myself in Cubase 8.5.15. I can see in the plug-in manager that both the RYM and A4 are showing the same I/O configuration as I have setup in Overbridge, but I’m only able to use the stereo outputs for either unit in Cubase.

why open a ticket for a known issue ?!
whether we like it or not, support is tailored for the most popular platforms and the other hosts get less attention until things are up and running - I should know, I’ve been moaning about far worse compatibility issues since day one

I’m experiencing the same problem in Steinberg Cubase 8.5 Pro (8.5.15). No individual outs on the A4 / AR in OB PlugIn. There is only the main outputs.

MB: Asus P8Z77-Deluxe, CPU: Intel i7 2700K, RAM: 16 GB, Sound Card: ESI Juli@ XT (driver version 1.21 64 bit), OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Elektro n OverHub

I’m having the same issue in Cubase 8.0.35


what a shame,… the same problem here. Before with the 1.10beta all invidual outputs are availible and it works. What did they done?

CubasePro 8.5.15, RME HDSP9632, UAD quad 8.4, Win10 64bit, 32gb Ram, I7 6700k Asus Z170-A

im using cubase 8 and have the same problem only stereo out pleas help.

there is no help
it’s a known issue (see release notes) an unfortunate side effect of improving things for the majority is that the DAWs not primarily targeted are affected - count yourself lucky, the vst and au in Max are completely borked - cross fingers that it’s addressed soon