WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! To your Model

So I saw a bunch of threads about stickers and the sticker sheets. I know a lot of folks aren’t going to put them on their devices because it will instantly ruin resale value. BUT for those of you who have, please share!

I am certain this is super tame compared to some of you folks. Birds in a “nest”, magic makes ideas. I 100% took a sharpie to the trig keys :smiling_imp: might add more later.

No intention of selling it, too much fun.

Looking forward to your bastardizati- I mean creations!


I’m gonna sound lame as but I can’t bring myself to stick anything to mine, I love it’s lines too much :see_no_evil: :grinning:

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Doubt any of us have gone as far as @cuckoomusic has with his Model:Samples.

I have put one (1) sticker on mine.


Do the official stickers come off without leaving marks? I’d be worried about taking the print off. It didn’t seem to be the best of printing jobs when I looked at it up close - I had both the Cycles and Samples previously, for clarification.

I’ve not put any stickets on my M:C but if it was a more general topic about decorating synths I could tell you all about how I put a Warp Records sticker on my Alesis SR16 back in the 90s because I was an 18 year old idiot.

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I wasn’t going to, but it came with the stickers. No regrets.


Yeah, the adhesive is pretty good. I had some of them on my M:S for a while, but have now removed most of them, keeping “NANOLOOP III” on my M:C and a small other sticker on my M:S. No residue.

Yeah, the print isn’t great. I tried to clean my M:S and the print started to fade noticeably.

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Here’s mine:


LOVE IT!! That’s awesome

Butterflies I found in my kid’s sticker pile. That orange knob sort of grossed me out but I think they’ve made it make more sense, like its a little nub flower they’ve come to pollinate.


NICE!! I’m not sure whether I’m gonna use more stickers on it, or just take a sharpie to it super nasty lol… the color / shape / tone etc stickers I’d LOVE to put on my MacBook but it’s a work loaner lmao. I can’t imagine that’s gonna go down well…

Color scheme is winning!!

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Just some stickers around the edge mainly, and a bluish tint around the top surface with a pink Elektron logo.

I’d love to go the full Cuckoo route, but I don’t want to open it up.

Also, even though I got a Digitone recently, I am never selling this thing. Too easy to throw a beat together.


spilled my tea! lollololol, thank you.

re; the stickers … you can easily grab some removable stickers off of amazon for a worry free experience cheap

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