What if William Basinski would have had an Analog Rytm | generative ambient jam with sample looping

in my attempt to jump from Ableton to a hardware and physical approach of music I’m finding an ocean of creativity and excitement with Elektron’s gear. Some days ago I tried to emulate the workflow of William Basinski with my setup and I found in a drum machine a hidden ambient generative device. fuck yes, I love it.

the Rytm is playing 4/5 samples that I have in loop mode and infinite decay so they loop independently forever. How one fades them in or out, mixes and process leads to entirely different soundscapes. I hope you will enjoy this little jam, I did :slight_smile:


Wow. Beautiful!I love that part around 15 min where you apply distortion to the mix. I have just scratched the surface on the Rytm, but this totally ambient way of working is intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

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Great stuff! Posting for the bump :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Hell yeah. There are few things I love more than wrenching freaky “non-drum machine” sounds out of a drum machine.

Thanks for posting!


thank you! I think distortion in these kind of ambient compositions is probably the most important tool for this character. In this case I had a very slow LFO into the Symetry of the master distortion so at some point you find yourself in really light and airy moment or absolutely heavy and weight, and you did nothing, so you just adapt >.<

Also one of my fav tricks you can try is generating distortion by increasing the resonance of the filter until an exaggerated sweet spot and quickly turned it down again, letting that cranked peak diffuse through the reverb. In a way it’s like generating root notes with the freq spectrum


exactly! pushing machines out of context is fun as hell and incredibly rewarding

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thanks mate!

very nice indeed!

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Excellent! I’m actually in the process of transferring all my four-track tape samples, drones, and loops into Logic in anticipation of the Rytm. Nice to see that it’s capable of this workflow. Well done!



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Just listened again to the Disintegration album by Basinski. This attempt on the Rhythm is really good. And a great way to emulate disintegration. Well done.


Very Nice!

I would add that if the Rytm had a better sample start tuning you could go even beyond your soundscapes and move into granularesque terrirory

Well done

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I appreciate your words, thank you very much!

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definitely… “sad story”: I ended up switching my rytm + octatrack for digitone + digitakt. I?m very happy now on how can I make this ambient with the 2 digis, but I have to confess, I f**ng miss the analog filter and overdrive from the rytm :’(. For that grittiness was perfect!

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Yeah i bet

Why don’t you add the analog heat?

It’s something I’m considering for a long time. The problem is the Rytm was giving me this in a per-track basis, while the Heat will be a master FX. Also for some reason it kinda pushes me away to follow the logical elektron setup. Not because I find the heat bad, is an awesome machine, but I’d like something more personal rather than the easiest solution. I like to make things different XD

Yes the analog filter on each Rytm channel
is really a great feature