What is the set up if i want to sample the DK into the DT, but have all audio passing through one stereo pair?

Is this possible?

I’ve currently got my Digitakt feeding audio into my Digitone Keys and then to my mixer, as my initial pairing of the two.

But I then realised (obviously!) that if I want to sample my DK with this signal chain, it will create a feedback loop! :grimacing:

Should I simply reverse the order of the signal flow, so that the DK feeds audio AND MIDI clock/transport into the Digitakt, and then to the mixer? Whats the optimal approach here?

I would personally run the DK into the DT, A) So that you can sample it, and B) So that you can run everything through the Digitakt compressor.

(Clock/transport don’t have to be flowing the same way, stick to whatever works there)

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Oh, cool — I didn’t know clock transport could run in the opposite direction!

Thanks for your help again!

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Exactly the reason why i run DN thru DT too. And with the DN not playing you can route other sampling sources thru the external audio inputs of the DN to sample into DT with added drive, chorus or other FX to taste without switching connections between the digi’s.

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Oh wow — I hadn’t thought of that! :astonished:

Just so I’m clear: Using the external audio inputs of the Digitone, sample sources can pass THRU the DN, and be sampled by the DT?

Is that right?

And you can add Drive and Chorus (and other FX) from the DN as it passes through?!


Yes. With the main L/R output of the DN connected to the L/R input of the DT offcoarse.
Additional bonus when connecting midi out DN to midi in DT is the ability to use one or more of the DN’s 4 midi tracks to control the FX cc’s on DT with LFO’s or trigless locks. So like you use the midiloopback tricks but from one device to another.

Oh, cool — thats sounds like a neat trick.

I think I’ll get the main flow set up first, and then look into it. Hopefully there is something on YouTube or the forum here about setting that up.



Oh, wow — I just set this up today (sans the midi loopback trick) — and its so cool being able to sample BOTH my DK and my other synth without unplugging stuff.

Awesome! Thank you. :raised_hands:

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That’s why this forum is so nice. Your welcome. I really like the audio inputs on these boxes. Even if you don’t need the digitone it keeps it’s purpose as a FX box. Additional you can hook up a smartphone, laptop or other device with USB and pass their audio output to both devices too. So connected this way you’re able to sample from 2 mono or one stereo hardware unit thru DN and at the same time 2 usb audio streams. Elektron did a really nice job here.