What method and workflow do you use to make sample packs?

I have hundreads of great tones and hits etc on my syntakt and analog four and I’m thinking of a neat workflow to sample them so I can use them in ableton drum racks, or my OP-Z or Drambo on my phone etc.

What’s an efficient way to tackle this?

Software wise I have Ableton, logic, RX and audacity.

Ideas I’ve considered are:

Play sounds into ableton, convert audio to sampler>transient detection mode> convert to drum racks>midi sequence to arrange view chop/edit>drag to session view columns. Use Kentaro m4l clip export.
Batch name and convert in RX

Play sounds into logic>slice to audio transient/regions> bounce regions
Batch name and convert in RX

Then use op1 drum/op1.fun tool to make beat packs of favourite sounds

Am I over looking a tool or something that makes all this a whole lot simpler?

I know there’s samplerobot for more chromatic things, anything for more percussive stuff?

If you have Logic, then you have one of the best auto samplers (formerly Redmatica Keymap).

I wouldn’t do this in Live unless you’re doing it for sound design environment preferences. Otherwise, Live is not great for exporting multiple wave files… you can do it, but it’s not as easy as using an audio editor.

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Any workflow that you will be able to repeat consistently without losing too much time will be a good workflow.

The main drawback of any sampling undertaking is that as soon as you focus on sample management (converting, naming, sorting, pre-processing, searching, finding, etc.) to enjoy better <insert your expected benefits here>, you will have less time to make music.
Also account for mistakes that you will be doing along the way and which may tempt you to start the whole process all over again, losing even more time.

A less burdensome road would be to sample a sequence of drum sounds into a clip from which you then slice, or to sample the drum patterns into separate clips by drum part for later arranging, slicing or processing. Even better if the drum clip is close to what you will actually use in your song(s).

Yet another time saving approach would be to go hybrid: use a professional sample library for the bread and butter sounds (eg samples from mars) and sample only those parts from your syntakt or analog four that define your sound. The drawback to this approach is that you will have to get acquainted with the newly acquired bread and butter sounds - though I guess it will still take you less time overall than managing the whole sampling process on your own.

Naturally, if enjoying and learning the sampling process is your primary objective, then why not do it all by yourself :wink:

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