What setup would you make if you only had 1000€?

Hi everyone, I have a little thought experiment that I’d like you to partake in. I’m always GASing over new gear, and I end up thinking a lot about what I would start with, now that I have almost completed my studio setup, and I end up choosing something completely different from what I have right now.

The question is as follows: If you were starting from absolutely nothing, what setup would you buy, with 1000€ (or equivalent) max ?

Obviously there are a little rules to keep it fun :

  • You have to justify the price of each item you chose (with a link to or just the name of the store if you can)
  • Use the prices from were you currently live.
  • No used gear. (because otherwise it would be too easy)
  • If you go with a daw setup you have to include the price of the software and computer you choose.
  • Same with an Ipad setup.
  • If you could add a description of what (or how) you would make music with it would be perfect.
  • Cables and listening gear are omitted for convenience, otherwise it gets too complex.

Anyway, I hope you have fun trying it out.


Start by posting your own suggestion :yum:

  • Digitone (699€): 4 tracks of FM sweetness
  • Keystep (112€): For more expressive playing.
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro (119€): Great headphones, you can also use them to listen to music in your phone or whatever.
  • MIDI Cable (1,99€): To connect the Keystep into the Digitone.
  • Power supply (9,90€): To power the Keystep if you don’t have any USB devices.

TOTAL: 941,89€


For a 1000€ setup i would definitely buy only used gear :stuck_out_tongue:


as octatrack is to pricey, digitone + micromonsta
(2 tracks percussion, 2 mono synths, 1 polysynth should be enough for techno, house, synthwave, etc.)
(i left out obvious things like cables, monitors and headphones)

It lacks sampling and a recorder, but anyway, that would be my set for 1k euros.

Assuming I could reset my age as well, a drum kit :-):sunglasses:


Ipad and apps.

I used to have a Volca Sample in the beginning, when budget was thin. Gave me huge bang for the buck with a Moog MF Drive, Strymon BlueSky and a modded Monotron Delay. Well under 1k too, but I guess you could make some budget cuts on the effects and get another synth.

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Fair enough :slight_smile:

Nowadays I’m mostly looking for a completely portable setup. So that’s what my choices are based on. Also my quest for a portable multitrack looping device is a huge factor in this setup.

  • AKAI MPK Miniplay (122€) : Very portable controller and good for a variety of drum and general midi sound. It’s not high quality but does the job well enough, and sounds are a bit editable (attack/release/filter/reverb/chorus/Eq).
  • 1010music Blackbox (629€) : For sampling and recording mostly. I was hesitating with the Digitakt but the blackbox seems more convenient for a portable setup). Also it has a usb host port so i can connect the Miniplay for control. I’d swap it, if anyone releases a portable multitrack looper/fx though, like the RC-505 in a smaller format.
  • AKG K-240 (49€) : Not the best headphone but I have it and it sounds good enough to me.
  • Belkin Star (18€) : To merge or split signal between multiple sources/output. Always handy.
  • Reverbalizer (60€) : Intriguing multieffect that I’d like to try on the Miniplay
  • Portable battery (30€) : To power the blackbox and reverbalizer via USB port.
  • Ripcord (15€ didn’t find the exact price with VAT) : For plugging the reverbalizer to the battery

Total : 923€ Which leaves some money for cables if needed and maybe a monotron delay for the fun.

I probably could replace almost everything with a Synthstrom Deluge (800€) a really cheap guitar (80€ on thomann) and a Zoom G1xfour for (99€) for the guitar Which would leave 20€ for headphones and cable.

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1000 euro = $1110 US
Keep it simple and powerful. Use whatever headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers you already have.

OT MK2 $1,000 used
Volca Keys $100 used

Those two can do a lot of damage.

Spend the rest on 606/808 samples.
The samples are the fish, the OT is the barrel. Boom, fish in a barrel.

Edit: used, yea, do whatever you can to fit these into your budget, new
Haggle, charm, flip some bitcoin.



I’ll buy new only, with some trade-in credit :wink:

And don’t forget to add in for taxes!


OP-Z, Studio Monitors and WEED.


This, but spare some weed money for decent headphones.


this, but spare some weed money for a decent single malt.


This but spare some weed money for a different kind of weed, variety is nice. And quality headphones because quality monitors is too pricey for that budget anyway, I guess.


get OP-Z, Qunexus and the Beyerdynamic Headphones

The younger me would have bought a harmonica and spent the rest on weed.


I don’t actually own any of these, and if I was doing this for real I’d probably go with an iPad and apps, or just a load of Volcas or POs, but just to mix things up a bit, and with 10 cent to spare, you get drums, two synths, a mic, mixing, recording and monitoring. Taxes, shipping and cables included. For my convenience, I went with Thomann for everything. You could probably save a bit with some shopping around.


I think this would be an awesome little setup.

  • free software and you’re done