What size samples?

I can’t seem to find the info on what kind of samples the AR wants. 24 bit? 16?

i upload 24bits 48Khz MONO because it’s the specifications but Cenk told in a video it’s re-converted by the internal software before to use it in the machine so… it’s if it’s less resolution it will down convert the sample

So it’s really a matter of space then. I might just convert to 16bit. Dunno if that makes a huge difference when it comes to little percussive sounds.

Also, could they have picked a worse way to load samples?!? SO EFFING SLOW!!!
Welcome to the 90’s!!

According to the FAQ on the Elektron website it uses 48khz 16bit samples. Anything else will be converted. How well it does this is another matter. Sometimes there are artifacts or audio degradation when changing sample and bit rate.

Best to use software that converts with good algorithims. A comparison of lots of software sample rate converters can be found here http://src.infinitewave.ca/ The Ozone codecs that can be found in a few products like Izotope RX3, Sound Forge 11 and if your on OSX, Audiofile Sample Manager are generally regarded to be the best. Adobe Audition is great also. A good freeware alternative would be Audacity, not as perfect as the Ozone or Audition codecs, but better than any DAW, and likely better than the Elektron software implementation.

I wonder why they didn’t try to keep the sample support more uniform across the product line, the Octatrack uses 44.1 16bit or 24bit files. And most people either have 44.1khz-16bit or 44.1khz-24bit for audio productions and 48khz-24bit for the audio side of video production. 48khz is uncommon without first raising to 24bit. Much higher audio quality in the jump from 16bit to 24bit than from 44khz to 48khz.

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