What synth was used to make MM-BBOX?

Curious because I love these sounds. It’s obviously FM samples but from which synth? It would also be cool to know something about the history and how/why these particular sounds were chosen by Elektron. Anyone?

The manuals says

“The BeatBox, which also is a part of DigiPRO, offers a percussive tool- box shaped in the traditions of the Machine- drum E12 synth”

And wintage synth explorer says

“The E12 synth is a sample-playback synth using sounds from the E-mu SP1200 and Simmons electronic drum machines”


This is a good question, I’d like to know too. It just says 12 bit samples of carefully processed sounds… And since it’s digipro we can at least assume it’s digital. I’m not certain it’s FM though–what leads you to believe that’s the case?

Is this machine not in the MachineDrum? Can’t find it - and no kidding, I just bought the MachineDrum, and was really looking forward to that sound from the MonoMachine…

Is it not the E12 machine on the MD ?

E12 is built on carefully processed sampled
percussion sounds with individual control.

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they sound totally different, MD has 16 E12 sounds i think.

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The BBOX samples in the MNM are not the same as the E12 samples in the MD.

I was told the E12 samples were sampled in a studio session with a drummer and then processed before ending up in the MD.
I don’t know the origin of the BBOX samples.

I thought the BBOX samples were 8 bit, but I don’t know that for sure. Yeah, they sound totally different.


“snap” is my favorite. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

but yes, they’re different sounds between the two machines. E12 machines in the MD are still great though. and you can do more with them than in the MnM.


I miss these sounds. Did someone sample them ?

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I want them too

I forgot that I sampled them a few years back when I had my Mono.

Just uploaded the WAV file (they’re packed in a single sample for sample-start-locking on MD)



Thank you !!!


Didn’t notice this until now, thanks Roger!