What The Hell is Going on with the Octatrack!

so, i think i put a link in the first question, than i think new people can come to here, visit this posting

Coming to CF itself…OT is a €1k piece of gear.

Invest €120/150 on a good capable CF.

I bought a Lexar 700x 64GB.

I never physically unmount the card away from the Ot’s bay.

And loads faster

And I think I am experiencing the same (not have done my homework in this area so far)
But I feel it started to happen since the last or two OSupdates.
But never a bigger than this issue

My octa came with a perfectly functioning 32gb card. Maybe it’s new politics from elektron since this thread is old. Good god, I should have known when I entered the elektron world that I was going to be surrounded of Apple acolytes… The octa can be blamed for many things, but this time the problem is mac (no surprises here).

Just gonna throw my 2 cents in here (Apple Certified Technician & Technical Co-Ordinator. System, Network and Infrastructure Engineer) as i know a few things about computer troubleshooting…

Is the issue persistent after performing a Restart, SMC or PRAM reset of your mac, how about if you boot to the recovery partition or know good OS then open Disk Utility with the card and/or octatrack connected?
What happens you if you connect a different card to your mac or your card to a different computer, does it show up? This list could go on…

I know that troubleshooting an issue is a frustrating thing to do and that it’s easy to get pissed off and loose your cool…Try taking a step back, approach the problem in a methodical & logical manner.
Use the split half search method (google it…), making note of what action you performed and it’s outcome. Don’t just point a finger at something you think it could be when you haven’t taken the correct steps to isolate it…

If you are still convinced that it is the computer then take it to an Apple Store and yell at the poor muthafuckers behind the Genius Bar, they get paid to deal with dickheads…