What The Hell is Going on with the Octatrack!

Sorry But I am VERY!! Angry about this Peace OF CRAP. WHY, why is there always a Problem with this F**** CF under OSX. My Maschine was for a Service at the Electron Company, but they told my always, “There Are No Problems”
I think they lie about the FACT, that it’s in reality A PEACE OF CRAP.

I can make a Video, so everyone can see it, that’s not true!!
It is better the whole World can see it under Youtube, what there are telling!!

Sorry Electron, you do not want to help me, so i think this is the only Way!!!


No problems with the OT & OS X here!
Perhaps if you take a deep breath then try to be more specific someone can help you?

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No problems under OSX, at least for me. Unless you get yourself a flash card that’s broken. There will be problems if you do, lots of problems.

Why does it have to be the OT, always ? i had a similar problem some years ago with an imac, solved when i changed for a macbook … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Guys,

sorry about the feelings on the screen ;).

This ist my second Machine … and the second Time with the same Problem.
And i have two Mac’s. A Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro.

One with Mountain Lion, and the other one with Mavericks.

Wich is you’re preferred CF?

I used to have a lot of trouble with USB mode – couldn’t write to the CF card from the computer. Then I reformatted the card, and I haven’t had any problems since then.

Hey I have owned 2 octatracks, multiple cf cards and 2 macs for 3.5 yrs.
Was never able to get cf card to detect as a usb harddrive ever on usb mode.
But I do have a separate cf card reader that works perfectly. $10 or so off eBay. Try it.

OT, stock CF, Macbook Retina with yosemite. No problems here.

I use a sandisk extreme 60mb/s 400x, pretty solid !

I have problems unless I plug the usb from OT into my MacBook before turning on the OT, then it works fine :+1:

This weird thing happens in my studio where when the heating switches on my USB powered interface cuts out. Also if I have my Octatrack connected to my macbook via USB then my interface will send back sporadic noise through the unbalanced outputs.

So try a different USB wire, different plug, different room. I bought an external CF reader for cheap at Radio Shack, you can always just skip USB mode all together.

@ audiotonomy, i think that’s the solution!

i try this workflow, 4 times, no problems, anyway … i give a update =)

OK, NOW for the first Time in my Life with Elektron Gear, i can say it WORKS
i can copy, paste, rename folders and files, no problems at all, since i work now with the workflow from audiotonomy!

why is in the manual under troubleshoot no description about that ??

anyway, i am happy … thanks a lot, guys!

…that,s funny, because i really had a hard time with handling the ot in first place…and blamed it a lot and loud here, too…
and the only thing that alwyas worked straight away for me, was getting the ot on the desktop…

…at least with .mountain lion …no other os tested so far…

but i experienced quite some differences in proper behaviour depending on the use of different cf cards…

especially streaming issues…some cards would just make the ot stop playing at some point…stuff like that…

but all cards showed up in usb mode…

go to a photo pro shop and buy the most expensive hi end camera cf card you can find…
don’t go for huge ones…go for fast and small…16gigs is more than enough here…
always think in two identical cards…
use a proper usb cable…
and try again…

pretty sure, no swedish lies here…
if you dig for help, we need details instead of rants…

Same here. It’s a 100% repro rate for me.

Took awhile before I figured it out. Didn’t think much of it, since these days, I don’t really think any transfer method is solid anymore. Bluetooth is shaky most of the time, WiFi is like a chaotic relationship going on and off, USB seems to have a book of dark secrets where specific combos of machines, cables and software just won’t work.

When modern technology leaves its comfort zone, it rarely works like it should. Seeing as I work with this kind of crap every day, I’ve seen it all, suffered it all, and condemned it all. Like we have police just because people keep breaking the law, and doctors because we keep getting sick, we have testers and engineers just because technology keeps fucking up.

would be awesome if you edited your first post to include the answer to your problem. years from now, when people see this thread, they will know immediately how to solve their issue.

Glad it worked dude! It’s scary when you’ve just bought an OT and you can’t get the samples across.

…ooops…did a time warp again…