What to pair with the OT/Little Phatty? Op-1 or Digitakt

Debating with myself on whether i should pick up a digitakt (i love sampling/sequencing boxes) or an op-1 (wanted it for the longest)

I figure the digitakt is an OT lite and can handle sample duties to lighten the load on the OT…

But i could use the op-1 for chords (something the little phatty doesnt do)

I think the op-1 may make the setup more well rounded… it can also do sampling duties and its portable

i believe i just convinced myself

Definitely the OP-1. I dont own it but ive played with a friends extensively and its the perfect OT companion

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OP-1 or another poly.

I have the OP-1, DT, and LP. With the latest os update for OT I would probably go for the OP-1 first. The DT is pretty awesome, but would seem more redundant for what you already have. To me at least…

As a heads up, if you didn’t already know, make sure to get something like the Kenton USB Midi Host if you aren’t planning on using a DAW. I made one following this:

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It depends on what you do. I’m mad for samplers so I’d probably go with a digitakt. I found op1s synths to be really limited and they have a very specific sound which never really found its place in my music so I sold it. You cant name your presets on it and I found its samplers limit of like 12(?) seconds or less really, really limiting and I hated working with its tape mode even though tons of people seem to love limitations. I’m just not one of those people I suppose. I heard that the op-1s have been out of production for so long because a part it has is now unobtainable so its current design isn’t possible anymore, so the prices of op-1s may go up or down based on that and the longevity of the op1 may be affected. I’d go with a little phatty or a digitakt. But I make mostly sample based hip hop, not the sort of poppy electronic stuff that often comes out of op1s so bear that in mind

hmm…interesting. and everytime i have tried to buy an Op-1 this year it has been out of stock

i think i’m leaning back toward the digitakt… maybe i’ll wait and get a mk2 a4. i’m getting along perfectly fine with the octatrack and little phatty

maybe nothing is the proper answer.

the collector in me… just feels like the digitakt is really affordable… why not? lol

but the a4 is probably the best answer

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I agree.

Does digitakt have record trigs??


Maybe when Ot will have TRC for rec trigs.

It’s nice to have some sort of poly with the phatty as it outputs polyphonic midi and can be used as a nice controller. You can toggle on/off the synth output for layering, and if you want you can run the output of the poly back into the phatty’s audio input, so you have your poly being played from the moog’s keyboard and running through it’s filter and amp…


I vote for an OP-1.

I miss having one, and am considering getting one again now that I have the OT MKII. (still got an old iConnectMIDI host to allow midi sequencing from OT too)
Might even sell my AK to make an OP-1 happen.

Though it is a wondrous creative tool, the OP-1’s 4 mono track tape recorder/player is also its most limiting feature.

With OT and static tracks, you get an 8 stereo track recorder/player to use with it.
Best of both worlds. Up to 64GB of CF storage, and the ability to record the OP-1 in some of its stereo glory for a change.

And remember, OP-1 can do drums and other samples too, if you’re looking to lighten OT’s load.


It all depends what you need really mate, A digi won’t add much if you’ve already got OT but it could be useful for drum duties etc. You’re probably struggling to decide cause you’re putting a drum sampler vs a mono synth vs a portable solution, it’s apples and oranges. I reckon the a4 is the most versatile solution and paired with OT you’re not gonna be short for anything, but its also another price point. I understand the temptation for the digitakt though, I’m way covered on samplers but when something new and cool comes along it’s tempting even without adding a whole lot. I say put the money aside and keep jamming, you’ll quickly realise what you need rather than want

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How sync works with Op1 ?

It´s USB midi, so via USB host if no computer. Although I never really bother myself, it’s more than satisfying just as a sound source.


^^^ exactly.
I use(d) this old iConnect 1st gen USB host I scored on Muffs for $20 or so.

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Please tell me those plugs aren’t crushed by your Octatrack ;(


No. The A4 is clearly tilted up.
I use riser rubber feet at the rear.

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You’re right, we have to save plugs from extinction. :wink:

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Ah these big babies all look the same to me.