What would be a solid/unique polyphonic addition to a setup?

Yeah, I sympathise. I don’t know why but the vast majority of youtube demos of the Peak are pretty poor. A lot of them just run through the presets, which are really not good.

The best ones are the Sonic Lab review and Mylar Melodies’ video on it.

But I also liked this patch which convinced me that it could do subtle and rich, and not just “distorted”:


That’s a nice pad there! Ultra ambient. I hate when reviewers just go through presets, doesn’t give a good idea of what the gear is really capable of. Novation is solid with continually updating their firmware to add more features. The Bass Station II just got an update with some much requested features and that thing is like 5 years old!

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Yea I need real, musical demos to be sold, that’s why I’m convinced I’ll never purchase an Octatrack. I’ve yet to find a song/set I love mainly created on it. The possibilities are endless but I haven’t heard any. Kind of the same with the Peak so far. Analog Four I’ve heard some things I love, and I presume even if it’s the MKI it’ll be similar to the MKII which I’ve heard has a sound improvement compared side by side.

Just watched the YouTube video on the Peak’s update and tons of people are excited about it.

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Yup totally. The Mylar Melodies one is probably the most creative/musical. Just him jamming out and getting to some nice places. Give that one a watch when you have half an hour.

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Peak is great! I Love mine. But another Suggestion…Modal Skulpt! Nice 4 Voice polysynth with quite capable engine.

Consider a Mutable Instruments Ambika

or a Audio Thingies Micromonsta

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Thanks for the MicroMonsta suggestion. Never heard of it.

Definitely Peak I would choose out of your options

Don’t know if you’d find it redundant but to me it sounds like you may want another Digitone. One could use it as 8 voice poly with the voice allocation if I’m not mistaken.

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Maybe you’re right. I know I’m getting a Digitakt for Christmas, Santa told me.

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2x Neutron in polychain

Found the Peak on sale for ~$1145 but the Analog Four and Rytm are on sale too :sleepy:

I love my Novation Peak. Novation’s own presets don’t really show it off, but checkout Star Drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmVdSCV6fNU and Geosynths https://www.geosynths.com/novation-peak. The Peak sounds beautiful & is a great hands on box, the effects are amazing, especially the reverb, probably the best sounding ‘built in’ reverb that I have heard. It’s not multitimbral, but that is not an issue for me as I just wanted a great sounding & versatile polysynth.

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Great sounds from that. I think the Peak has great potential to be my background synth. My Sub Phatty jusy sounds soooo… phat on leads and bass but I have nothing but FM for pads now which isn’t suitable for everything. Peak fits the bill at around $1,100 currently so I think I’m going to order it tonight.

If I got the Digitakt to resample certain things for Christmas… I’ll be putting out an album by next Christmas lol.


The Peak 1.2 update coming next week looks fantastic too https://www.keyboardmag.com/gear/novation-introduces-peak-v1-2-firmware-update :slight_smile:


Behringer Deep mind 12 could be another solid choice for a poly synth. My recommendation stands, Access Virus KB or KC. Or just get a desktop model. They’re grrrrrreat for pads! Lush…

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Just an update… After spending some more time (8 hours straight) with my Digitone I’m going for the A4M2… c:

Edit: Brand new Analog Four MK2 for $1,095…


Good choice. I think the DN and A4mk 2 sound great together.

I finally learned to properly abuse trig/param-locks… Next level but tasteful result.