What would you put on a second page of SYN1?

As a long-time lover of FM I’m really enamored with the Digitone. I love the way Elektron put a new spin on things. Unlike the Volca FM that I feel just exposed params and made some useful macros, the Digitone really adds some interesting “limitations” and capabilities to their implementation of FM. You can sit on the SYN1 screen alone and make such an interesting and subtle variety of tonal tweaks - that alone could be the synth!

But imagine if you will, what you would add if there were a second page of SYN1?

As an aside, image a custom algorithm editor!

a checkbox, where you could set A to unquantized or fixed mode would be cool


This could probably be done for both C and A (and B I suppose as well) merely by making the FUNC knob-turn be “non-quantized” - sort of the opposite as it is elsewhere but would be a good use of that capability here without making it a toggle, per se.