What's next for Elektron?

We had a thread about this over at the Elektron-Users forum, which I went through just now to extract all the wishes/ideas from. I think the one that got by far the most “upvotes” was the “Neuron”-idea, which I would personally love to see in production. :slight_smile: Anyways, I compiled a list of the suggestions, and thought we could toy around with further suggestions as to what might be next. I’ve quoted some posts from Elektron-Users, haven’t included the usernames of the people who suggested, so sorry about that.

Analog Drum Machine

The NEURON - An Elektron style mixer, fx box and midi processor etc. with killer p-lockable track FX and top notch mastering FX and adequate i/o for the entire Elektron Line plus a bit of other kit. Basicly a machine to bring all the other machines together as one…

Some additional features would include being able to program mutes and scenes per pattern, assign any pattern from any machine to a “performance page”, tempo and tempo multipliers per pattern, per machine, “performance macros” assignable to any machine, maybe a loop buffer for transitions, a performance recorder and so on… basicly stuff I already do with my computer but without a computer.

Performance Box - I’d love to see the performance aspect taken even further with a dedicated controller box. A couple of joysticks, some encoders, faders etc. Take the performance mode of the A4 even further and assign it across several boxes. Something that sits between the boxes and acts as a true hub. Maybe even the idea of being able to p-lock entire hardware units per step… Wishful thinking, probably.

Modern FM Synth - a proper modern FM synth would be a nice thing to have… lot’s of knobs, nice filters, good modulation… elektron interface, mode for emulation of DAC in DX7 or other oldy

MonoMachine MK III - I’m in love with Monomachine, so Monomachine MK2, with improved machines, better fx, more tracks and the OT midi sequencer.

Polyphonic Synth

Mixer FX-Hub - Mixer FX hub designed to combine Elektrons with other gear, with Syncable P-Locks and CV…

Digital/Analog Hybrid Synth - I want an uber mono digital/analogue hybrid super lead synth with a semi modular routing, integrated modulatable FX and, multiple modulation sequencers that can cascade and react with each other for algorithmic sequencing of notes or multiple parameters all with p/locks of course.

Elektron G2 Modular - an Elektron-style G2 Advanced Turbo, with all the patching happening directly on the device. Obviously you can p-lock everything, has 1024 voices and makes great sandwiches too.

Hardware Sequencer Unit - Personally I’d rather see them do a straight up hardware sequencing unit only that could do the following -

1.Patterns from 1 bar too 16 bars long
2.Independent time signature and clock divisor per track
3.Midi harmonize, Midi delay (with feedback, pitch offset etc)
4.Intelligent randomization with probability triggers
6.Intertrack modulation between tracks
7.Independent track lengths
8.Up to 16 LFO’s and 8 EG’s per track (assignable to midi CC and NRPRN’s)
9.Atleast 8 extra Plockable CC Numbers per tracks
10.Full 16 Track Midi Sequencer
11.The ability to recycle Midi Data on the fly
12.Specifically specified to work with the A4/MnM/MD in particular
13.XOX mode
14 Step Mode
15.Realtime Mode
17.Sixteen Controller knobs
18.At least 16 scenes per song
19.Crossfader for doing parameter snapshots and morphs in realtime of midi data

Mixer/Effects Unit - A mixer / effects unit (that had a sequencer)? This, I think, could be put in the lineup and wouldn’t step on the toes of any of their other products. Yeah, it’s similar-ish, but, I think it could be done in a way that would make it a great hub for any hardware setup.

FM/Wavetable Synth - Another dream Elektron synth would be a multi-channel FM/Wavetable synth

Elektron Eurorack Modules

I’m thinking it’s going to be something a bit more out of the ordinary than say an analog drum machine (it’s Elektron, afterall). Would love a sort of effects packed “Neuron”-thingie, personally! :slight_smile:


thanks for compiling that list! looking at it, my money is on the analog drum machine for sure.

it’s the only device which doesn’t require an explanation… if it sounds great, is nice & easy to use, yet has the usual Elektron depth? what’s not to love. instant success.

Is that time of the year already?
Here we go!
IMO will be analog “add on” in the likes of the Moogerfooger series.
Mostly fx controllable via MIDI and CV. Smaller units at lower price range: 250-450 euros.
Expect: Delay, Filter bank, Chorus (flanger ect), some midi scrambler of some kind.
Well, thats what I would like to see.
Analog drum machine, maybe… maybe more of an analog-digital-samples ibrid MD mrk3, but if you think abut it… that’s already covered by exsisting machines.

If you have spent time developing nice analogue filters and oscillators that seem to be roundly accepted and praised, then i think i’d use them (or even improved versions…) and make a PolyMachine. But then if a PolyMachine was to be made it would have to have a keyboard IMO - sort of SFX-6 stylee.

Would love to see the offspring of the EFM and FM+ machines mutate and multiply! Don’t think that it will happen though :dizzy_face:

I’d like to see a string machine plus vocoder. They’re very fun/playable and seemingly no new ones in sight.

…Something with 8 faders? (…that maybe could also be used as a mixer and to control other elektron stuffs, like octatrack…) :kiss:

Here’s an off the wall idea. I’m sure it is not realistic. An acoustic Elektron machine. Mini player piano with MIDI and plockable. :slight_smile:


Eurorack mods would be bomb!

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I want an Elektronaut Robot Toy that can be controlled via CV or Midi. Willing to pay at least 50€ for that. :wink:
Colors: Monomachine Silver/Black or Analog Four Black/Red


I originally wrote a long response, but it’s much easier if I just say…

I have absolutely no idea what Elektron will do next…


Haha, yeah, I’d get one for sure! :slight_smile:

One thing is for sure:
whatever it will be… it will be great and we’ll all want to get one!

:sob: Surprised nobody said “all 4 boxes in 1” yet. :slight_smile:

Or software…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to recall that the “new line” (which includes the A4) is not supposed to replace the “old line”.

If this is true we can expect a different naming convention at the very least :joy:

So instead of three letters and one to two numbers it will be one letter and one or two numbers. For instance D8 or P12… wait a minute…

One thing for sure is that Hector will be going mental if Elektron give him another box.

Haha, no doubt! :joy:

+1 For The Neuron & The Box Performance !

Octatrack MKII?


One more upgrade option for SPS1 Mk2 (I wish UW and maybe one or two real analog drum engines inside)

Machinedrum Analog ftw!

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