When I reply to specific posts it never shows up as a reply

I’m using number 2 on avantronica’s list but it doesn’t work every time.

That last post was using the same button but it didn’t work as a reply…

This is a reply to your second-to-last reply (inc ref to number 2)
It ought to have the icon …

lol this is getting confusing now :slight_smile:

I just replied with the reply icon but for me, it shows this icon on every message?

And you can see on that last post of mine that it hasn’t showed up as a reply to a message.

Ha ha no big problem just weird behaviour :slight_smile:

If you had replied to my last post i’d expect no icon, same if you used the general blue reply button

if you had replied to the second to last message I wrote i’d expect that to show the icon

i.e. anyone reviewing a thread after the fact can properly interpret whether a particular response relates to the previous one or to a particular one

having said that, it is what it is and this thread has surely run its course :wink:

Hmm but now the last reply did show up as a reply to another message?!

Yeah sod it lol :slight_smile: