When I reply to specific posts it never shows up as a reply

It just adds on to the discussion without showing as a reply.

What am I doing wrong??

Reply to this

If you highlight text in the message you want to reply to you can reply incorporating the quoted text btw

There may need to be a gap between the reply and the source message btw

Edit : nope

I can add a quote to a reply but the actual reply never seems to show as a reply

Oh ok it works now, seems a bit random…

No I’ve lost it again lol

I agree that it doesn’t seem to display well, but I believe that the forum software does retain the relationship somehow.

my hunch is that it’s a time thing, not (only) a thread spatial thing, it scans nicer if it’s not full of arrows … i bet the algorithm factors in who’s in the conversation and when the replies are fired off

Thanks guys, it’s not really a big problem but I thought it was worth mentioning :slight_smile:

If the replied post is directly above your reply, I don’t think the reply icon shows up. Could that be it?
(Case in point: this reply)

It shows here, I just used it now. Not sure if it will work or not…

Quoting seems to work but just replying seems a bit hit and miss.

Yeah, quoting is fine - but replying shows up as an icon if the replied-to-post is not directly above the reply. (I think??)

EDIT: Yeah, there’s the icon!

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A test reply to OP two posts up (which didn’t produce the icon when I tried it earlier in the thread fwiw)

edit - there’s no doubt it should show the icon when an intervening post from a.n.other appears

I’m seeing a reply button at the bottom right of every message, i’ll use one now…

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Ok, the message box I am typing into shows that I’m replying to avantronica. The actual reply button is bottom left.


Hmm it worked that time, not sure what I’m doing wrong as I follow the same steps each time.

Never mind, it’s not a big issue :slight_smile:

That’s the “reply to an individual post” button! (Which I am using now. )

This reply to Peter includes a screen grab of the three ways to reply

  1. to highlighted quote
  2. to a specific post (grey reply box when hovering)
  3. a general non-specific reply (blue box)