When sending MIDI data from Ableton to Digitakt to sequence a synth, I get no audio output in ableton master

So today I tried out Overbridge 2.0 and was trying to sequence Digitakt from Ableton. After playing around, I managed to get this working, but it’s weird because my korg minilogue midi channel is set on MIDI A (9) on Digitakt and inside ableton I had to choose MIDI TO channel 10, instead of 9 which is on Digitakt for it to work. I also have to make sure that on Digitakt my current track is set to midi track 9, otherwise no sound comes out. Why is that? Now when I choose to send my Digitakt track audio to Master, I get no sound from ableton, I can see the meters are not flashing in green. I only hear audio from digitakt as I have my headphones plugged to them. I tried making a new audio track, receive audio from digitakt and then send it to master. Still nothing. Here is a SS to make it more clear how I have everything routed now.
Now I need somehow to get the sound back in Ableton from Digitakt so that I could arm and record my sequence for Minilogue. How do I do that?