When sequencing external gear

Instead of using the OT midi keyboard, could I input note data from my external synth? I think it would be much easier that way… Is this possible?

Yes it is.
Set you keyboard to OT’s auto channel.
Select the midi track you want to play with.

Note : this way, you need to let the focus on the MIDI track you want to play with.

Then you can play chords and all from your external keyboard and record it, with your velocity, etc.
And also activate arp and get crazy.

I think you needn’t select the midi track yu want to play with if you configure the MIDI channels and your keyboard accordingly (ie : track 1 = channel 1)
This way you may mess with another track in the same time.
I am not sure you can leave the MIDI page though.

I realize I could play external synths and sample them in live time. But I want to have the OT sequencing them. I just don’t really like tediously putting in the note data thru the little keyboard on the midi page, and think that putting in notes from my external synth would be easier.

…which is what Lying Dalai just told you how to do? You might want to read his answer again. :wink:

you can also set notes while holding down a step for a p-lock, but keep in mind that for a sample track you have to play from c5+, and for midi, you’ll have to clear the length value afterwards (push in the length encoder on the note page), unless you want super short notes.

One bug i’ve noticed in midi mode is that if you release the step before you release the note, it sometimes enters strange note values and ghost notes. Not sure if that’s something i’m doing wrong or not.

I’m doing this all the time. Follow the advise you’ve been given here, and it’ll be great.

I tend to just let the sequencer run and record whatever I’m playing directly into the midi sequencer. If I’m not happy with the take, I just delete it real time, no stopping the sequencer, and jump right at the starting point again, repeating this until I nail it. Then, I move directly to the recorder section, put in a trig and record what I’ve just played. And back to the midi sequencer to add another track.

Endless fun.

so in order to understand you play from your synth keyboard and note trigs are recorded in OT’s sequencer?