When sequencing from Ableton Live to OB midi, the trigs are recorded before they should be

Hi Guys,
Ive been searching for this but cant find an awnser so I hope someone has some insights on how to fix it…

When I sequence to the Analog Four/Rytm from an Ableton Live midi track (By sending midi from the midi track into the corresponding Overbridge channel track), the Analog Four/Rytm with record the the triggers just before the grid marker where they should be recorded. This happens with or without latency compensation, and I have no tracks with set with track delays, and small buffer size of 256 samples. Im at loss as to what could be the reason. Someone else had this happen ?. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

same here. Sending midi notes from ableton to device will place the trigs to 1/96 before the grid.
Any suggestions?