Where are some Nice places that You'd like to make music?

I spent so much time at synth shops in Japan that I missed this, but next time I’ll be sure to take an overnight beat excursion on this train

if you’ve got any good suggestions post them up, doesn’t have to be in Japan can be anywhere and everywhere cause like the song says…


I’m in Okinawa, but I love taking anything portable enough on little vacations around island from time to time. I haven’t yet recorded by the ocean though!

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After playing renegade sets at a few superfund sites long ago I wanted to do a superfund tour. A little odd maybe but it caught my interest.
I’d like to play at more scientific facilities. I’ve played parties at a couple and those people throw down. I’ve always thought mcmurdo station would be cool.
I’m working on organizing a barge event in the harbor, that’ll be a new one for me.
I’ve played in a lot of interesting places but it’s been a while, I’m short on ideas.
No constraints? The ISS? Hollowed out volcano supervillain lair?


heck yeah… scientific facilities ftw!!

The Storr, Isle of Skye


man that’s beautiful, imagine making music there
or screaming there can only be one!

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I know right! I’ve been a few times, never with any music kit though.
Rain & insects could be an issue…

whaat, you’ve been blessed :slight_smile:

damn insects, the Bane of my existence

Holy moly that’s beautiful.

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Antelope Canyon here in Arizona. Not probably possible but I’d like it to myself for a while.


I don’t know what kind of stuff I’d make in a place like that lol, probably some wild music

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Swirling psychedelic music most likely :sweat_smile:


Playing some acoustic guitar sitting on the iron throne at casterly rock would be fun.

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