Where do you advertise / sell used gear (Europe)?

I’ve always managed to sell used gear locally (Czech Rep), but it seems the market is frozen right now, for obvious reasons.

I’ve never sold anything online.

Is there a local gear buy/sell site for Berlin? I have a friend who’s there regularly and can do face to face transactions for me. Cheers.


Thanks. So I take it ebay and Reverb are the go-to in Berlin? I prefer face-to-face transactions so I’ll look there for that option.

For Germany eBay Kleinanzeigen is your best bet, I sell exclusively through that site. As long as you’re not selling anything super special you’ll find a buyer rather quick.


eBay kleinanzagen is different from eBay. It’s more like Craigslist or gumtree, if I understand correctly.


Ebay kleinanzeigen (not ebay) is the best place in Germany for selling and buying used gear. And it’s free. Don’t know if many people use reverb here.


I live in Berlin and I buy/sell on both, Kleinanzeigen only personal interactions though, but I did a pickup for something I bought on Reverb too. Not all Germans are fluent in English so they will use German sites exclusively.

More and more actually, I’ve seen the rise from 2014 until today. I get a dedicated Germany feed on Reverb too.

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both have an option

Thanks for the helpful replies guys. I’ll definitely try Ebay kleinanzeigen.


If you use Kleinanzeigen, post your username here so we can follow you and maybe buy something!

I’ve had fun learning some new German vocab and managed to register and figure out how to post an ad. But it turns out my good friend sells through a friend with a high rating / approval on Ebay kleinanzeigen, so he’ll advertise it once the item (Vermona DRM1 mk2) is in Berlin.

Piggybacking here. What is the good advice for buying and selling in Europe (Germany in particular) as far as safe payment and shipping go?