Where Do You Post Your Music?

Curious to hear where folks tend to “release” their music. I’m generally pretty bad about actually getting music off my devices and recorded, not to mention actually somewhere on the internet that people can listen to :grimacing:

I’m not really interested in trying to make money or notoriety from music – but I am kinda interested in places where I can get a sense of community.

Periodically, I’ll post things here if there’s a “Music made with DeviceX” type thread for the device I’m using. Other time I post it on Soundcloud, but that feels a bit like a blackhole. Otherwise I just DM it to a few music making friends I have.

Avenues I haven’t really explored are more traditional social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok). They all seem mostly full of people who are using them for flagrant self-promotion rather than legitimate community, but I’m starting to consider them in the hopes that it’s just a matter of finding the right people to engage with.

Anyway, curious what other folks are doing with their music if their objective isn’t to make money or get internet famous.



SoundCloud is still there, but seems pointless. Social media, not for me. I did try distrokid and Spotify etc, not continuing with that.

Thats about it, when the mood takes me I’ll make a video and shove it on youtube.

Unless you’re a platform social media self marketing wizz its pretty hard to get noticed in the ocean of internet.

I usually post links here as I frequent this forum. I think its cool and consider some people my sort of internet friends.


I release on Bandcamp and all the stores/streaming services my distributor provides and SoundCloud. Then I don’t do anything about it other than post the link on my site and on a music section on a daw forum. Haven’t even tried to post on this site (I am not exactly sure where :joy:)

Curious enough to read the forum?


My own stuff goes only on Bandcamp, the band has distro so goes on everything, plus YT for music videos. I hate predatory streaming services so have no interest in releasing on them, not that there’s a point with my niche nonsense anyway

I only post music through a music distributor via my own label, and my various artist websites. I have a Bandcamp account, but never used it. I probably should in the future, especially if I return to selling vinyl again.

…well…like the most common way…

bandcamp is THE recordstore of the planet…curate ur stuff in some kind of way, get it a cover artwork, open an account, connect it with an paypal account and start releasing…

and the rest of the wolrd streams…
if u wanna get ur music heard via a streaming farm, u gotto find urself a digital distributer…
then u start to happen on spotify and co for example…

but soundcloud is always a good starting point, since u can release ur stuff there, even if it’s not really “finished” yet…nice portal for work in progress, demos and dj mixes/mixtapes of urs…

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