Where is Defenestration?

Hi everyone ! Hi @defenestration

I was wondering where is Defenestration ? he hasn’t posted anything since the 4 of April 2020 … nor here, nor youtube, nor anywhere …

I learned many things following him on his youtube page … i hope he is ok !

likewise, he completely transformed the OT for me. I’ve approached it with a heightened level of awareness ever since.
hope he’s ok too.

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There has been some discussion in another thread already. I sure do miss seeing videos from him. Granted most of his videos are dense enough to continue to offer much inspiration on repeated views.

Here’s that thread:


And yep, just to add onto this, the consensus from the previous thread was that he’s doing all right and that we shouldn’t keep hassling him to show up again here or on YT. Let him be, etc etc


I guess I have to throw everything out the window now

We can retire this thread me thinks … use the other if necessary I guess

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