Where to find your vocal/ speech samples

i am trying to make a good vocal sample database. so I tried on youtube, search for ‘sample techno’, and find some standard (mind body and sound) style samples.

It’s okay, but no reason to keep it this simple.

So I went on, found some dial up sounds, nasa sounds, etc…

Also like the ‘dr Katz professional therapist’ discussions… I like them, they also fitt well to me since I am a psychologist myself…

But… what’s your source?

Television and movies. Open archive. Speeches. Radio. Audio Books. But then again I never use singing vocals.
(Lately a lot from Mr Robot, but also Louis CK and George Carlin)

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You can write your own “lyrics”/text and get a translator machine to perform it and record it.


the OS voices for your desktop text narrating are serviceable too, when I’ve needed a sample chain of counting for LFO testing purposes it’s proved far easier to record that osx default voice than to hook up a mic

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TV, movies, youtube, etc. I also follow subreddits like Obscure Media for strange and interesting things.

I really wish somebody would create an iOS app that would allow you to record from system audio, a la Audio Hijack Pro. It’s my primary media consumption point these days and I have to always stop viewing or remember to record later if I want to grab a sample.

Thank you all, a lot of good ideas

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me too

regarding your question for speech-samples i think you have found the best source on earth: youtube

from science-talk to news-talk to nearly everthing - but no porn :sunglasses:

but movies? copyrights? … you are straight into hells kitchen without permission for professional use

I carry a little Zoom H1 recorder around and record people at parties. I asked some moms at the park about recording their kids laughing. They thought it was weird until I explained I was sampling it for electronic music. Then they were like “Oh, sure.” I love that thing. Super small. Runs on AA batteries.

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Porn, tons of useful sampling possibilities

Also, the line in powers a clip-on lav mic, so you don’t even have to let people KNOW they’re being recorded.

my first sampling experiment
sample made to fit in ableton

just curious what you guys think of it. It is only a sketch… usually i get some positive feedback on my music, this one not

I think it sounds alright. Did you change your style up?

“Fiddy said go ahead and switch the style up. And of they hate, then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up” -Kanye West