Where to get a Monomachine?

In USA, it seems that most dealers are out of stock and ebay is really dry…
Any advice? Maybe you have one to sell? :joy:

http://www.proaudiostar.com/elektron-monomachine-sfx60.html says available now -

hit that “request a deal” button and they might give you 5% off or so.

and this one just hit eBay for $900 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Elektron-Monomachine-mkII-drive-/271797279017?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f48615929

Thx. I was just checking that on ebay!

Btw, you are part of the reason why I am looking for one :wink:

Word up! Good luck!

And to everyone saying the MnM is too cold… whatever.

Run it through the AR’s compressor if necessary. I do wish the external input on the AR was pre-Distortion for things like the MnM. Not because the MnM needs it, but because the Dist makes the AR voices sound so good!

Cold is definitively good sometimes!

The input of the AR is sooo low that I would prefer to use my shruthi if I have to warm the sound.

I’ll use my DBX 386 stereo tube preamp with mic/line/inst inputs from time to time.
A.k.a THE BLURerrr.

Been processing old minidisk recorded mixes with it, followed by AR’s Compressor.