Which Audio Interfaces are ready for macOS Big Sur?

Hey folks,

having read so much from brands telling their customers »please don’t update to Big Sur yet!«
I wonder: are there audio interfaces on the market that already support macOS 11?

Even more interesting: Which of them work with the new M1 Macs?

RME’s interfaces are fully supported on Big Sur and Apple Silicon.
All class compliant interfaces are supported.


I’ve been on the hunt for a new interface for my yet to arrive M1 MBA. RME as already stated, Focusrite has said that most of their Scarlett 2nd gen and above will work, and there’s a few Motu devices.

I’ve been torn between a Focusrite 18i20 or just biting the bullet and getting something from RME (as their driver support is ridiculous and will continue to be for years). They’ve even stated that their firewire devices will work on M1 in Big Sur but you’ll need a parade of adapters to get it to work. You can pick up a FF400 or FF800 for pretty cheap these days but you’ll need $100 worth of adapters. I’ll probably get a used UC or UCX as it’ll be easier to manage going forward.

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Metric Halo


I own a Universal Audio interface, and when I see how RME just delivers for its customers I get envious. UA’s interfaces are top notch, but their smug and slow after-sales support is just one big disappointment.


I love my metric halo interfaces
Best I’ve ever used

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3D is a game changer

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I have a MOTU 828 Mk 11 that has served me superbly for years. After much back and forth with MOTU, I’ve finally been told that MOTU will not be developing further drivers for the 828 to be compatible with Big Sur. Looks like it’s destined for the dustbin.

Tc electronics such as Konnekt live and 6 won t update to big sur. Now i have a new mac running big sur and my waves seem to be updated and my sound card tc electronics won t work!!

I can verify: Arturia AudioFuse Studio.

Bummer! I’m in the same boat with my Traveler MK1. Consider using your 828mk2 as a stand-alone converter along with a newer device that will run on newer operating systems.


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