Which device after my MKI?

Hi everybody! I really happy with my Analog rytm MKI, now I was thinking to add other elektron gear to add more sounds and features in my beats.Sometimes I´d like to include more than 8 voices for example simultaneously, or mixing two different rythms from different machines, whatever except using daw. In the begining I think that Octatrack could be the best option but I´m not sure. How do both together combine?

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Octatrack combines great with everything. It’s a really good combo because you can run the RYTM into the OT and use it as a mixer and multi FX box.

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Lady Starlight’s a fan:


This video tipped me over the edge to get both:

@mpiecora (EZBot) has some great tutorials on using Octatrack as a performance tool alongside other groove boxes:


Octatrack FTW!!

Ot and Rytm is all you need if you are sample based. incredibly powerful combo. its what i use, plus some synths in the DAW.