Which/How many devices do you use for a live gig?

Most people on this forum have quite a few synths, samplers, and drum machines. But, from all of them, you have to choose only a few devices for a live gig, and you have to choose with enough time to prepare the tracks you’ll be developing in your live set.

I’m curious about how many devices do you take when performing live (outside your studio), and which are the chosen ones.

For my part, I think that the DT is the first one I would take (don’t have an octatrack), followed by the DN.

Two instruments is an absolute maximum for me (not including FX).

I’ve been hanging around open mics lately testing out a few different methods and I think I prefer performing live with just one instrument, whether that be my Lyra or something like my A4 or AR.


How curious? Previously on Elektronauts:

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In ref to the above thread:

I can’t bring myself to be content with such a small studio setup! I wish I could be…

please to say that currently studio kit = live kit = OT, Rytm, Virus Ti, with a good bit of help from the NGNY thread.

No more option paralysis or cabling/routing hassles. Just flick 3 switches and start making sounds. Can’t recommend a minimal setup enough, but it can be extremely hard to feel like it’s enough!

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My fault, I don’t know how I’ve missed all these threads. Sorry about that :sweat: