White Noise

I recently got a cycles for my brother who lives in Japan, so the last few nights I’ve been delving deep into it so I can show him the ropes (he’s pretty new to hardware).

Man, I’ve really made some discoveries. One thing about the cycles that bothered me is the difficulty in trying to get true white noise. Whether it’s the tone, snare, or kick, the feedback parameters get you part of the way there, but there’s always the underlying character of each machine underneath. And you can introduce more noise into the signal by mapping a 2k random lfo to pitch or volume, but still not exactly what I’m looking for.

Then, I realized I wasn’t playing a high enough pitch. So, keyboard position to +60, select tone machine, and crank the shape and sweep up, and now I’m in a place I’ve never been.

When you get to this realm, many of the parameters behave in new and unexpected ways. If you find the sweet spots, you can get a nice spectrum of noise, radio static, even strange voice like garbles peaking out here and there.

Also, it’s much easier to explore if you run the sequencer with the 1st cond and step length set to INF.

Anyone else been to the cycles North Pole?


No but i’m picking my bags !

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Yes! It really has some interesting behaviours up in the highest note range. Coupled with audio rate LFOs, it can get super glitchy.

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that’s a good one. with the audiorate lfo, it takes the tone out completely, but to my ears doesn’t sound quite as “pure” as when you are using the top of the pitch range. both are useful. here are some demos i made with the keyboard at +60 (speaker volume warning)



909ish hi hat (much closer than i’ve been able to get with the metal machine)


I found that playing it with an external keyboard is a very rewarding way of exploring the pitch range. There s a ton to discover as the sound engines don t evolve linearly over the range, as you discovered.

We should have a graphic for “Previously on Elektronauts” :slight_smile:


So that was with tone machine ?

Yes, tone machine, pitch 0.0, decay 19, color 4.6, shape 127, sweep 127, contour 52.

Sounds good with a reverb size of 1 and various amounts of reverb send.


This sounds sick! I will have to try this

Def gonna try this. I’m not saying the metal machine doesn’t sound great, it does, but it definitely has a sound that’s hard to get away from. This gives me another option when it comes to hats